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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hey All!

Welcome to my first "normal" post since my sabbatical.  I've caught up with half of you and have about half more to go before I'm all caught up with visiting you.  It's amazing how much all of you have done in 3 months!  So if you haven't heard from me yet, I'm on my way this week!

While I was "away", I had an emergency visit at my local hospital.  Since I got my new "smile", I've had to really adjust to eating differently.  Well, one night I was eating and swallowed a large piece of stew meat which promptly became lodged in my esophagus.  Long story short, they took me from the emergency room directly to emergency surgery to remove it.  I felt so bad because they had to call in the GI team at 11:30 at night.  These pour souls (two nurses, the surgeon, and the anesthesiologist) all were called from their warm beds to take care of my emergency.  They were so amazing and so wonderful at their jobs.  Not once did they make me feel like I had inconvenienced them, even though I apologized to them 100 times for dragging them out in the cold so late.  I wanted to say thanks and I made the following cards for them:

For Nurse #1

For Nurse #2
For the Surgeon
For the Anesthesiologist

Not only were these people disturbed late at night, I had to call my sister to come and get me after surgery because they would not allow me to drive home after being put under.  So she had to come and get me at about 1:00 AM.  So I made these for her:

An inside, I tucked this:

I really like this style of gift card holder and it fit perfectly inside the A2 size card.

What an ordeal, but these people literally saved my life.  I now chew my food until it's mush before swallowing!  LOL  God, such changes. . .

Pic of the Week:
Snow covered sweet gum balls
Well that's it for this post.  If you would like to know about what I used on my projects above or have questions regarding them, ask in your comments and I'll email you a response.  Just make sure that you have your settings set so that I can respond via your comment.

I hope you are all happy, well, and warm.  Will this damn winter ever end???  We had almost a 70 degree day yesterday and we have snow today!  I could just spit!




abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

That sounds so scarey!! I'm glad you are ok, and they are all sure to appreciate these beautiful cards! We don't get snow where I am in Arizona, we are already in the high 80's! Carri~Abusybee

Jackie Parkins said...

I'm so glad you are ok and have learned your lesson! You are probably the best patient they've ever had. Those cards are all beautiful and I know they were appreciated. It's good to see you creating again. I am over this miserable winter, too. We've had several lovely warm days and it's down to 30 degrees tonight and wind that will blow your wig off. Sheesh. I'll spit with ya.

Jean McKenzie said...

Hi Curt, So glad to hear that your hospital visit had a happy ending. How very thoughtful of you to make cards for all who helped you that night and they are lovely!

Thank you so much for your comments. You have so many followers so it must be hard to catch up with everybody so I very much appreciate your visit!

We are officially in autumn now - very much in drought which is worrying as although it can rain at any time, we possibly have to wait until towards Christmas before we get anything beneficial. There are some very very poor cattle around us - sad to see.

Shirley said...

OMGosh, I am so glad you knew to go to EMER!! Thank goodness for all of them. I can't even imagine how you were communicating with them either. You are one in a million, dear man! Your cards for them are just wonderful, as all of your cards are. I live near Jackie, so that's what my weather is like too. Raining and windy here today, but I don't complain!! At least it isn't down in the ones again. LOL You take care of yourself!! Your smile is out of sight!! Hugs and stay warm and safe....

Anonymous said...

YIKES! So glad you got such good care and you are still with us. Your cards are great! What catches my eye -- the gate fold, the AMAZING kaleidoscope feel of #2, the cool straps on your doctor's bag and the lifesaver! Sister's card is bright and summer-y. Bet you'd go and fetch her at 1:00 a.m. S.O.S. -- So Over S-n-o-w, Send Over Spring. nise

Patti J said...

My goodness - I think we should get together and bubble wrap you! So glad to hear that you are okay. I'm sure the medical staff didn't mind treating you, and they definitely enjoyed their cards! We know your sis loves all that you make her! Our weather was 77 here yesterday, and UGLY today! Your cards are all wonderful, Curt, and I'm glad that I don't have to choose a favorite! Thanks for the lovely pic of the week. Stay well, and chew, chew, chew...!

Leigh said...

Goodness Curt, be careful. Not a good experience to have in the middle of the night. Great thank you cards you've made for the surgical team and your sister. Take care.

Gail said...

Oh for Pete's sake!
I leave you alone for a few days and look what happens!
Glad you got looked after, and the crew will LOVE the cards!
It's been really warm here the last few days....I'm not trying to rub it in, there's still time for it to get to -40 and snow 4 feet!
Hope all's well!

Erica said...

Life has been giving you a run for your money these past months. But that's what life is often about right? It's good to see you back. I kept wondering if you might find another hobby and thought about how sad I'd be if you did. I enjoy your cards, photos and your approach to life. Those health care providers are awesome indeed. So kind of you to realize it's more than "just doing their job". FYI, I have wonderful neighbor couple who were born and raised in Indiana and have come here the warmer climes for retirement.. They are my regular customers when cards are needed. Most get posted back to friends and family still there. Keep smiling Kurt. You deserve it. Cyber Hugs

Alli said...

Oh Curt! Scary!
Glad you're ok & yes... chew your food man!
Beautiful cards as always!!!
Looking forward to being inspired by you every week!
I'll try to keep up with you!
Be well good sir!

Peggy in Mentone said...

Hi Curt!
SO happy to see you back creating and posting. I have always looked forward to Wednesday night to see what you have created and I always LOVE your photograph at the end. I got such a chuckle over your final comment, but I know the crappy weather you have been having is no laughing matter!
Sorry to hear you had a trip to the ER, what a love you are for making the staff cards. I'll bet they don't get many thank you's...most people just take what they do there for granted. I really loved EACH card you made..masculine cards are the bane of my exhistance...every time one comes up on the calendar I groan...they are not my strong point. YOURS ROCK!!!
I send you WARM hugs and hope for a thaw soon!
Peggy (jasonw1)

Karenladd said...

How awful that happened and how absolutely wonderful that you are so thoughtful with these hand made cards. I love them ALL, but that vintage doctor bag one is my favorite! I have a friend who got a piece of steak stuck in his esophagus and my hubby had to take him to the ER once, so I know how uncomfortable and frightening that can be. So glad you got through it, and even turned it into a reason to make cards!

Janice Wilson said...

Oh Curt, I am so glad you are OK. LOVE your new Smile!!! And glad to see you are back from your sabbatical. I missed you and your awesome cards. You are such an inspiration to me. I think Mother Nature is going through Menopause. You just don't know what kind of weather you're going to get next. I always love your cards, the butterfly card is gorgeous.


Shirley-Anne Barber said...

Hi Curt . I can only imagine what a fright you had . Choking , unable to breathe properly is scary . Happy to see that you are safe and home again .
Your cards are all amazing .All so original and individual .Loved your Pic of the week .
We have just started Autumn here in Adelaide so are still having the odd delightfully warm day.
Like 27 degrees Celsius
27 degrees Celsius in degrees Fahrenheit is 80.6.
Looking forward to Wednesdays again , thanks to you .
Hugs Shirley-Anne

Beth Norman said...

I'm so sorry that you had such trouble. You poor dear. Your cards are outstanding. All so unique. You're on a roll.

Glittered Paws said...

I guess we should listen to what our parents taught us - "chew" your food like 100 times!!! Glad everything worked out and nurses and doctors don't "mind" getting out of their warm beds to do emergency surgery - (NOT) been there and done that as I am a "retired" nurse. Loved every minute of my career and wouldn't trade it for anything. The cards are beautiful - love the butterfly card 7and the masculine cards are great. Take care, chew your food and keep creating.

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Wow Curt! You were so lucky to survive the meat shall owing ordeal! Some doctors are awesome like yours. All are beautiful cards...each unique in their own right. Saving to copy. I'm moving and homeless so my card creating equipment is packed up. I saw your return last week but could get email to send out anything. So wonderful to have you back. Suffering from vertigo so hard to type. Again, so glad you are back and sharing pics and cards with us. Continue to chew more carefully so no more trips to the

Sande said...

What a scary situation and thank goodness you called for emergency help to the hospital. I have a swallowing issue so I know how scary this is..I've even gotten ice tea caught and can't swallow it. Tiny bits and chew at least 50 times is what I was told. I'm sure the staff or your sister wasn't upset with you despite the ungodly hour of your needing them.

As always your cards are gorgeous and so thoughtful to do that for the staff and your sister.

Thanks for sharing.

Becky said...

wow Curt, what an ordeal! I am so glad you are OK.
You are always so thoughtful, you are such an inspiration to me.
Love - love your cards, but I must say I am in-love with your card for nurse 2, I love white on white with splashes of color and I just love this design.
Glad to see you back.

Mary said...

Thank goodness for caring nurses, and doctors! I'm sure they appreciated your thoughtfulness too, I'm sure they don't see it too often nowadays. Great cards and stay well and healthy too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Curt
Welcome back :)
I would like to have the instructions on how to make the "Just for you" card. It is adorable .

Bonnie Weiss said...

Uhhh, first of all, let me know if the spitting works 'cause we just had ANOTHER snow storm yesterday after enjoying plus temps and sun the day before. too.

Your cards are gojuss. Each one is so different and well thought out. I'm sure they will be appreciated. And don't worry about the medical staff being inconvenienced ... I'm sure that they were well paid for that!

So nice to see you back again. And BTW ... we might be moving just acorss the lake from you so you had better get my guest room ready and my inflatable pool chair too.

Hugs ~B~

Linda said...

Oh you poor guy. We have a nurse that comes once a week and she is on call once or twice a weekend. She will get called out in the middle of the night and drive in bad snowstorm of very bad roads. There is a very special place in heaven for these wonderful people.
Your cards are amazing like always. That was so thoughtful of you. So people may think that is there job put you know that it is way more than a job for those kind people.
Chew slow my friend and enjoy!

Sonja said...

Oh My scary ~ I too have trouble with chewing and not eat rice if you are alone ~ yes a story goes with that ...

You are so kind and thoughtful, no wonder your cards are so wonderful !

They are all great the one with the circle cut out and snow scene is cool, but the gift card holder is really cool, I would love more info on that one if you can

It is so great that you are back, yes we had snow too, but just an inch or so... hang on buddy Spring is just a week away... hoping and praying we do not have to make Easter cards with snow scenes ...

Myrna said...

First of all, glad you had such a great surgical team and that you are ok.
Second, the cards are gorgeous, as always.
Third, the pic of the week is stunning.
Thanks for stopping by and giving me encouragement.
p.s. I think you should post the gift card instructions. :) because I am sure I am not going to be the only one who would like to make one. (graduation is coming up :) )

Donna said...

So glad you are recuperating well. I'm sure the medical team would come in again in a heartbeat to get one of your cards again, they are beautiful!

Krissy said...

What a scary ordeal! So glad you're ok! I love the cards you made for the medical team! I have that same background paper you used for Nurse #1's card - I love that paper and reach for it often!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and leave comments often. I so appreciate your feedback! When you get a chance, check out all of the new House-Mouse stamps that Stampendous is now offering! They're so cute!

Take care!
Stay warm!

cheryl moody said...

Oh my Curt....they say 'badness' comes in threes and you my friend have had enough 'badness' for the year. I am sure the medical team would not have been called in if it weren't an emergency but......I am sure those lovely cards will make up for them coming to the rescue. Curt I hope the rest of 2014 showers you with blessings because you deserve them! So glad to see you back! HUGS

cheryl moody said...

ps, I was just reading Jackie Parkins post and had a good ole belly laugh hearing about how the wind was strong enough to blow ya wig off!

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Eek! That sounds horrible!!!! I am so thankful you are still here and I can tell that your near death experience has come through in the creativity of these amazingly beautiful cards from the heart! Wowie, Curt! You've set the bar high!!!! Hugs!

Sue from Oregon said...

Blimey Curt!!! You have had quite a go of it. Your wonderful cards just goes to show why we all let those special know we are thinking of them! Wonderful creations! Take Care and stay warm!

lisa808 said...

OMGosh, how scary! I thank the ER and surgical teams for taking such good care of you.

Your cards are all fabulous. I especially like the one for nurse #2. What a unique design. You are always so thoughtful.

I wish you a wonderful weekend, whether it is 70 degrees or snowy.

Erin Morley said...

Hi Curt,
I have been checking in on your blog periodically to see if you have returned. I was pleasantly surprised to see you have, however I said a really sad awe when the page loaded up and I saw a picture of Gunther sitting all by himself in the snow. There is definitely something missing there. Hugs. Sorry to hear about your stew meat incident, I had to pull the surgical team out of bed twice in my life as well. I felt guilty like you did, however I ended up going home with a beautiful baby each time. Glad to see your new beautiful smile, there is always something to smile about. Can't wait to see some more projects in the future from you.

P.S. I'm suffering in the Great White North and feel your pain, we have had a more-severe-than-normal winter as well.


downrightcrafty said...

lovely to see all these gorgeous cards and to know you are back with us, I am sure that they will really appreciate the time you have taken to remember what they have all done for you
hugs Kate xx

Diane said...

Geez Curt, when it rains it pours as they say...I am so VERY glad that everything came out alright...literally!!! Your cards and fantastic and so thoughtful...I bet the entire staff was in awe as I bet they don't receive "thanks" very often!! I have to tell you not a day goes by that I don't think of you, every time I look at my Nellie I think of you and Shotsy, knowing someday I will feel your pain...I can feel for you that's for sure!! I love the story of Gunther looking like a bear...same with Nellie, but a "red' had a haircut last week, and she looks to different, and I think she is happier...she had a seizure yesterday, and we just increased her meds 2 weeks ago...I don't know what to do anymore, but just pray she gets through them!! Anyhow, I wanted to write you a million times, but it seemed like nothing was/could be the right words!! Take care my friend, and I hope we "see" a lot of you again...we miss you!!

Brenda in IN said...

Oh my, I'm so glad you are okay. That was scary and I'm glad you got to the hospital in time. Your cards for the staff are all so special. I'm sure they were thrilled to receive something so nice. Glad to see you're back in your craft mode.

paula said...

Glad you are back to crafting and blogging! I really like the gift card holder and would love the instructions! Thanks!

Gina Wrona said...

so so very talented! Awesome projects so great and inspiring!


Mary Marsh said...

These cards are fabulous Curt-the Memory Box die cut cards is such a creative design-and I love the doctor card especially the embossed bands you added -that was quite an ordeal you went through -I see why you are so appreciative of this med team

Kathlene said...

Welcome back to blog-land, and thank heavens your emergency had a happy ending. I doubt medical staff seldom get thank you cards, and yours are out-of-this world gorgeous. They will all be so touched. So glad you are finished with your dental work--that's an ordeal in itself. So glad you're back. Hugs, Kathy