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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Hey All!

There you are!  Come on in and get out of that rain.  Here, let me take your umbrella.  Glad you made it despite this rainy evening!  Would you like something to drink?  Tea, coffee, alcohol?  LOL

I have to apologize up front for the photos on this post.  I tried to take some of them in very dim lighting to show the candle light, so they didn't come out to my standards. . .

This is a card I made for my Mom's doctor.  My Mom asked me to make a card for her to give to her doctor for Halloween.  This is a "Tunnel" card.  As you will see below.  The only stamping I did is the "boo".  The rest was already on the paper.  The swirlies and the spider are all done in black glitter.  I just chopped up the paper and paneled it, raising each section with dimensionals.  Here is the inside:
Now, I've added my own touch to this tunnel card.  Where there is supposed to be the sentiment there in the raised center cutout, you can only see a piece of vellum.  That is my twist. . .and here is the surprise revealed:
Set the card over an electric tea light and it reveals a spooky scene.  The scene was created using a die cut from Impression Obsession.  I attached it behind the vellum.  What do you think?  And I couldn't just send her in to her doctor with just a card now could I?  Heck no!  I had to make her a little treat box too:
With treats inside:
I made this eyeball box I think a couple of years ago.  So I got my instructions out and made it again for her to give.  Don't you love the eyeball candy?  They are peanut butter filled!  LOL  The box with insert is very simple, and if you want the instructions, send me an email and I'll send them to you.

So, I liked the Halloween Tunnel card so much that I made one as a birthday card for my Mom:
The leaves were punched out from various foil and glittery papers.  Inside:
You can kind of see the light from the electric tea light there at the bottom.  This vellum was already pre-stamped with the leaves so it made this one so easy to do.  The message to the recipient is on the back panel.   The tutorial for the tunnel card is HERE.  Where I deviated from the tutorial is putting vellum over the opening.

I also made this for my Mom's birthday from Shotsy and Gunther:
See that belly band?  Here it is from the back:
And when you open it up:
Tah Dah!  A gift card for Grandma!  

Pick of the Week
These are pumpkins some friends, family and I carved. . .Can you guess which one is mine?

Hope you enjoyed your visit today.  I'm always glad that you come for a visit.  I'm still making my way around to visit all of you.  So if I haven't seen you yet, I'm on my way!

Enjoy the upcoming weekend and the rest of your week!



"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Jackie said...

I love those tunnel cards! Where did you find that paper you used inside the first one? It's perfect! I don't think I will ever get tired of that IO die, I used it again this year. The little box of eyeballs is adorable, and so is your mom's birthday card. Good job, Boys!

I think your pumpkin is the one in the center. They are all so cool - you've got a talented bunch of pumpkin carvers there.

Myrna said...

Oh my goodness Curt, you have done it again.
Love your tunnel cards and the leaf one especially touches my heart.
Eyeball candy with peanut butter, yum.
Great pumpkins!!
I have been really lax again in the card making department.

Gail said...

Awesome tunnel cards!!
Never seen them before!
See, ya learn something new every day!
Love the eyeballs in a box!
Great BD card, and grandma card!
I think your pumpkin is the one with eyebrows!

richardbreaks said...

Wow, your mom and her Doc are going to be very happy people! Love everything!

I'd guess your pumpkin is the one with the vicious looking teeth in the middle there!

tilly said...

wow, what stunning tunnel cards, so effective with the candles alight........ love the eyeball as well, and didn't the boys do well with their card and treat box ??? lol
Hope you got your parcel

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Curt! Sorry I'm late but I'm here... better late than not at all, huh? LOL!!!

Curt, I just love your tunnel cards and the candlelight looks beautiful!!! Of course, being a box lover, I love-love the boxes.

Your mom and her doctor will love these. Heee-heee, I wish I could see the boys when they get!!!

For your pic of the week -- if I had to guess yours, I'd say it's one of the 2 in the middle. Not because they're menacing and that you are (you're a sweetie) but because they're just more appropriate for Halloween, and I think you'd do Halloween right. Am I right? LOL!!!

Hugs, my friend!

Patti J said...

The boys never cease to amaze me! What a beautiful card they made for grandma. Wowza...those tunnel cards are wonderful! I know the doc will enjoy both the card and the box of eyeballs! Hmmm...well, since Sir Richard took my guess, I'll guess that your pumpkin is just left of center. Although I really think it's the center one! Great pumpkins...what fun!

Lorraine said...

love, love, love the tunnel cards must have a go, centre pumpkin I think but they are all great, hugs from Jersey Channel Islands x

Bonnie Weiss said...

Genius ... albeit Halloween! And speaking of which, it is Pumpkinfest weekend here in Waterford, Ontario. Yes, an entire 3 days of pumpkins, Halloween 'stuff', parade (more Halloween stuff), craft and market fair (halloween stuff), houses and businesses all decorated for Halloween with lovely tombstones, and ghouls and classic Halloween stuff. Oh, I can hardly wait.

Your mom is going to love her cards and of course I especially love the one that Gunther and Shotsy have chosen to give to her. They are two very talented and creative hounds.

My guess is that your pumpkin is the third from the left????

Glittered Paws said...

Love your tunnel cards - now to find out how to make them!!! And your guys are so talented - sort of like my girls - they send cards to family too - hence the name of my blog glittered paws!!!
What would we do without the four legged family members.
Great job on all of the cards this week.

Krissy said...

I've never seen tunnel cards before and now I *HAVE* to make one!!! How fun! I think I'll make one with Stampendous Christmas stamps and snowflakes on the vellum! Thanks for the inspiration!

Sending Halloween hugs!

Mary said...

Great cards Curt! What would have been even funnier is, if your Mom gave the eyeballs to her "eye" doctor, lol! Have a great day.

lisa808 said...

Love your twist on the tunnel cards. The eyeball box is so fun for Halloween. I got the directions from you last time, but hate to admit I haven't made one yet. The B/W birthday gift card holder is super.

I would guess the middle pumpkin is yours.

I wish you a fun and crafty weekend.

Linda said...

OH my goodness your cards are so cool! I love the lighted ones. That is amazing. Then when I think I was amazed I read on an am more amazed by the the gift card card. That is so cool. What talent you have. I am so glad you share.
Have a great week!

Sonja said...

Well good morning, tea please with cream and sugar ... Wow, I love the first card, even without all the goodies involved... Wowzers... and the second one, well I love trees and leaves, those leaves are awesome I may case the front of this card... the other, well a bit more than I am up too with a challenge... but beautiful ... and well me loving my Daisy girl, Yes this "doggie" card was too sweet...

So happy to wake up to this post... thanks for the tea, I surely needed that...

I may try to play today...
oh who makes that leaf punch????

Alli said...

Lovely tunnel cards!
All the cards this week are so nice!
Keep on inspiring us Curt!

Beth Norman said...

OMGosh you cards are amazing Curt! You are such an inspiration and so talented. Rock on!

ursula Uphof said...

Thanks Curt, I will keep my umbrella and fill it up with rain to bring home...LOL
Love your cards, haven't made a tunnel card in ages, need to do it again.
Your pumpkins reminded me of 3 years ago I did it with my DIL in the was great fun. She does classes for Halloween.
Take care and thanks for the visit, hugs, Ursula

Gina Wrona said...

Yes, I did enjoy my vist. Very much so! Loved them all, especially the dog card for your mom.


Sharli Schaitberger said...

OMGSH Curt! What fabulous cards! I've never seen a tunnel card and just love yours! What a nifty idea!! I imitated your eyeball thing last year and it was a huge hit! I laughed out loud at Mary's comment about "eye doctor"!

Your moms card is truly lovely!

The pumpkin I think is yours would be the really scary one! The one with all the jagged teeth!

Michele Cederquist said...

Curt, your tunnel cards are fantastic! I also love the grandma card from the boys. Will you share how to make a tunnel card? I so appreciate your talent. Have a great week!

Michele Cederquist said...

Curt your tunnel cards are awesome! I also love the card from the boys. I appreciate your talent!

cheryl moody said...

Love all your cards Curt. I am trying to re-establish myself, lol, not easy! I will never delete my blog again. HUGS

Diane said...

Very cool cards. You always do the neatest how you do unique and different and not the same old boring ones like I!! The tunnel card is fantastic with the lights....and the eyeballs made me laugh!! The "boys" did a great job on their card as well!! I made a couple unique cards myself, and will email you so you can check them out when they post on "another blog", which I hope will be soon! And I think your pumpkin is the middle one or the eyebrow one?? Take care my friend!!

Rita said...


Allison Israels said...

Wow Curt!! So many gorgeous cards! Love the lantern cards - very cool card technique - gunna have to try that for sure! Awesome inspiration!

Anonymous said...

These are all AWESOME! Thanks for the tutorial link (maybe I'll get brave and give that tunnel card a try) The first one with no stamping is incredible - you truly worked that paper into being all it could be haha! Your mom's doctor is going to love his treats and card. I also love the gift card holder the pups got grandma! As usual, you've left me Inspired!!

Anonymous said...

Curt, is the quiz over? Is your cut out a happy or toothbearing art?
Those tunnel cards are worth double comment. How wonderful to see that technique rebounding! You have done some mighty nice work to share with others, Curt. What a treat to see vellum carrying tea lite brightness to the receiver! Those falling leaves have action illuminated by gentle light just like the sunrise and sunset action of wind on trees here. Good go!
Keep Looking Up!