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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hey All!

 How the heck are ya?  Thanks so much for stopping by, I'm always so glad to see you here and you always look so good!  How do you do that?  You just look gorgeous!  Hope you all had a wonderful Mom's day!

Wish I could say the same for me. . .I haven't had more than 4 hours of sleep each night for the last 5 weeks.  I have done something to my left arm and at times it feels as if it is broken.  I've already been to my doctor and he thinks it is "frozen shoulder".  I don't think it is (even though I have almost all of the symptoms) but he has sent me to an orthopedic specialist (this coming Friday) to see what is going on.  All I know is that yesterday, when I opened the car door, a hard wind blew the door open and yanked my arm.  I had to sit in the van and count to 100 just to stay conscious.  The pain was that bad.  I tell you all this because it is hard to type so it is taking me some time to get around to see all of you.  So please be patient with me.

I do have a few cards and a great  pic of the week for you though. . .  Take a look:
This is the card I made for my Mom for Mother's Day.  I've been wanting to try a flip card and this is my result.  HOWEVER, I added a little variation to the card.  Take a look:
I turned it into a gift card holder.  Actually, I just used double sided tape to hold the card in place.  But the Spellbinder's die I chose concealed the gift card perfectly.  I also lined up another die cut of the same shape directly behind it to write on.  As you can see in the first photo, the  gift card and the handwriting are hidden perfectly.

I also gave Mom a stationery set with eight different cards, personalized envelopes, two girly pens and a book of forever stamps.  She is always asking me to make her some cards to send to people so I thought this would be useful.  You all have seen some of the cards that I put in the set, but here are a couple of new ones:
This owl is from a clear set by Lawn Fawn.  I added googly eyes because all the little critters in the set look like their eyes are closed.  Ran the "tree" and the background through the CB with a couple of efs and added a computer generated sentiment.
Sometimes you find a paper that is just extra pretty, and this is one.  Ironically, I cut it all up (same paper used for Mom's card) and I have no idea who made it.  I added a 3-D butterfly (EK punch-3 way punch) and stamped the simple sentiment.  Easy and fast.  I also added glitter to the flowers.

That's it for this post EXCEPT for the pic of the week below!

Pic of the Week
I think this is one of the cutest frogs I've ever seen.  He was stuck to the side window of my front door when I took this.  He is obviously on the outside of the glass and I took the pic from inside my entry hall.  I didn't think that the pic would turn out because it was at night, and my flash had to be used.  I figured the flash would bounce off of the glass and bleed everything out, but it came out perfect!  I found another one of these on my patio glass doors two nights ago.

Thanks again for stopping by to see my stuff.  I still can't believe you take the time to do so, but I love that you do.  Again, I'll be around to see you slow as I may be.  Thanks for your patience.



"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Patti J said...

Gosh, I recall you having a hurt elbow a while back. Is it the same arm? You poor guy. Hope that orthopedic doc gets it all figured out. Keep us posted! Bet your mom was happy dancin' when she saw her gift and flip card! You are so thoughtful. Great pic of the week. We live way out in the middle of nowhere, and have never had frogs on our windows! Great photo, especially with the flash on! Will be thinking of you this week. Take care!

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Hi Curt! I love your card for your Mom!! It's wonderful!
The owl card is so cute-what is it about owls that is so appealing?! But your little frog photo is a hoot! I made a toad house last year for my front yard toad. I hope he comes back soon, I miss him. Hugs!

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh boogers, sorry to read that you are ailing. Hope they figure out what is wrong and it is not a big huge issue to fix! It sure is a pain growing old! Love your cards this week. I bet your Mom loved her nice surprise!!!

Gail said...

I was gonna pack in the card making when I viewed your moms card!
I thought you got all ambitious and stamped all the bright beautiful flowers!
That paper's gorgeous, very clever card!
Love the owl, and birthday cards too.
LOL at the peeping frog!!!
Hope your arm feels better!
Talk to ya!

Myrna said...

So sorry about your shoulder. Hope it gets fixed soon.
Your moms card is perfect and such a nice way to hold a gift card.
Cute little owl in the tree and of course the butterflies with that great paper is lovely.
Your little frog just wants to come in and share all the love in your home. :)

Anonymous said...

Froggin' little dude has a yearn for warm surfaces! and a great pose for the photogenic moment! Fine pic of the week, Curt. Glad you reminded all of us to stay in the blog to the fantastic finishing photo. Isn't sharing a necessary consumable just the nines, Curt!? Your mom was truly blest with the correspondence handmade notes set. Thanks for sharing pics. And froggin'! Keep looking Up! mt23stamperatyaho

Erica said...

So sorry to hear this. Sleep deprivation is no joke. I hope this clears up for you quickly. Love your flip card.
The frogs are adorable. We must take care of their habitat as best we can as they, right along with bees, are suffering. If frogs & bees go, we're in big trouble.
Not to worry about a vist, my postings have been few due to a recent move, and new craft room build-out I mostly had been cry in' the blues because it took so long.

tilly said...

Oh dear Curt........ that was a very painful thing to have to go through with the car door.... I do hope you get some good results this must be affecting everything you do.
What a lovely card and gift for your Mom, no wonder she was delighted.
I love your little frog he is so cute, maybe he wanted to feature on your next card lol
Take care and hope you are soon better
Tilly x

Lauri Ingram said...

Curt! LOVE your flip card! I made one of those for the first time a few months ago and love how you added the gift card! That frog is a hoot....and please please get better shoulder!

Andrea6760 said...

Hi Curt, Im sorry to hear you are having problems with your arm, and I hope that the orthopedic doctor helps resolve the pain for you.

The card you made for you Mom is absolutely gorgeous!! I love how you hid the clever!! The notecards are adorable and I love the googly eyes on the owl!

You take some amazing photos, and I was waiting patiently to read your post but I knew there was a photo yet to come and the frog on the window made me bust out laughing!! How cute it is and as you said, it turned out perfect!

Again, I hope your arm is better soon, and no worries about stopping at my blog, I havent updated since the last time we emailed, so save your arm some typing!

Take Care Dear Friend!

Sande said...

Hope your Orthopedic doctor gets to the bottom of what is causing this horrible pain. Sounds like you are in agony. Just take it easy until you see him and try not to put stress on it. No worries about hopping to my blog as I have not updated in many months. Take care of yourself.

Love you cards and I'm sure you Mom did also.

Oh your pic of the week is too funny. I live at the beach and have never seen a frog here...though I sure they are luring about somewhere.

Beth Norman said...

What wonderful cards. Your Mom's card is pretty cool. I like how you attached the gift card. I'm so sorry that your arm is hurting. Sending hugs.

Diane said...

Man, it;s hell to get old isn't really it is, and I know it for a fact!! Hope you find out whats wrong and get it "right" again!! Love your flip card, you are so dang creative, puts me to shame I tell ya!! A great idea to give Mom the cards, too...I do that for my Mom every so often....get better, my friend!! Oh and had a good laugh at your frog.....check out my blog and see the buck toothed fish I posted...too funny!!

Mary Ann said...

WOW!Love your cards,So sorry to hear about your shoulder,I'm having a problem with the right one,Have a Blessed day!

Rita said...

Hope you feel better soon Curt. Love your cards & the owl card is too stinkin' cute! Bet your mom loved her card it's beautiful! Cute pic of the frog just hanging on to your window, made me laugh out loud! Take care kiddo!

Mary said...

Oh Curt, so sorry to hear about your arm/shoulder. I hope you find out soon what is going on and can get some relief too! Love the paper you used on your Mom's card, and a very clever way to use it too! I'm going to see if I can "make some of my own" with a stamp set I have. Cute Owl card too, they are ever so popular right now. Ah yes, spring does bring out the tadpoles and frogs right now ;)

Sonja said...

Good Morning and thank you for giving my Thursday a great start... That dp is that I would buy, then wonder what to do with it lol you always have such perfect gidt ideas... that is that kindness and caring showing thru : )

So sorry to hear about your arm, I am sitting here in pain too ~ my paralyzed arm gets streaks, like lightning bolts... not much that helps some times Advil ot keep ir wrapped warm...usually when a bad cold is settling in or a weather change
yep I have scratchy / sore was frost then 90 and sunny and now dreary and rain... so the pain is for real !
thanks for sharing... gentle hugs and prayers til nrxt tome
oh that little frog is cute, just like the ones my youngest daughter used to leave in her pockets for me !

Jackie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your shoulder and I hope they can figure out what's going on and FIX IT! Your cards are wonderful, I love the flip card - you did a great job with that one. The second one is so cute - I love the little owl in the tree. Feel better soon **hugs**

ps - no need to visit my blog, I've been slacking & there's nothing new there.

Ann Schach said...

Your cards are fabulous, Curt! I have never been brave enough to try a flip card...yours is gorgeous! I love this paper. And the owl card is a hoot for sure with his googly eyes! I hope that your arm gets better soon. Right now I am having back problems, so I know what it is like to be in pain while trying to continue with your daily tasks. Take care...and give those boys a treat!

Gina Wrona said...

OMG, Curt, if it's hard to type, then just take a break and heal yourself first! We will patiently wait for you as long as it takes.
Feel better soon!


P.S. Great projects!!!

Miranda said...

Hi Curt! Thanks for the compliments! LOL Your cards are lovely as usual. Sorry to hear you are having shoulder issues. My Mom has RA really bad through out her body and often has problems with her knees and shoulders. I know the pain she experiences and can only imagine yours. Hopefully they get you all fixed up soon. Love the pic of the froggie! Have a great week!

mudmaven said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear you are having shoulder/arm problems. Sure can make life more difficult and I hope that the doctor has some constructive things to say and do to make it all better. Hugz and prayers going out to you. I love, love, love that Mother's Day card you made for your mom. Such a good son! I'm sure that she just loved it and also the great note cards. Cute owl! The pic of the week is amazing! How do the boys feel about having these guys "hanging" around? All the best to Jay and hugz to those gorgeous boys too! Hope you are feeling better very soon. ~chris

Anonymous said...


Glittered Paws said...

"Frozen shoulder" and all and you still managed to post this week - WOW. And the cards are awesome - love the owl card - but I am on an owl kick!! I had a frozen shoulder several years back - was fixed with closed manipulation under light sedation and have had no problems since. Wishing you prayers when you go see the ortho doc. And the frog is just too cute. Great pic.

Margaret said...

So sorry about your frozen shoulder. One of my niece's had that problem and I know it is painful. I hope you can get some relief from it soon.

Your cards are just fabulous. I'm sure your Mom was thrilled with her gifts. Love the cute frog photo.

Anonymous said...

As always, awesome cards! Glad you were able to make them with your sore arm - where there's a will there's a way, and you always come through! But I have to say I didn't know there were frogs lurking about your property, so I will be on the lookout next time I am over. I think I'm afraid of them. Didn't Gunther & Shotsy scare the frog away??

Anonymous said...

So sorry to read that you're in so much pain. Best of luck with the specialist. It obviously hasn't impeded your stamping ability. That card for your Mom is GORGEOUS! And how clever to conceal a gift card and your signature. Thanks for sharing, when it was obviously not easy for you. nise

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Lots of fun points of this morning along side your bad shoulder. I had a frozen shoulder. It didn't come on suddenly like your situation, but that's not to say you didn't tear something with that awful jerk of the door. Good luck and keep us updated. Was that a Spellbinders flip card die or was it just a die and you maneured it to make it work as a flip card? Very cool in deed! I will be casing that adorable owl card. I'm not familiar with that particular leaf embossing folder..who makes it so I can be looking? And lastly....OMG! you are always in the right place for amazing photo moments.

lisa808 said...

Fablous card and gift set for your mom. I can just imagine how happy this made her.

Awesome photo!

Take care and hope you are pain-free soon.

Lee said...

Love the pic of the doggies sooo cute.As always Fantastic cards.Adore the pic of the week two.

I am so sorry you are in a lot of pain Curt,do hope the ortho guy can help you.Take it easy !!! Sending Big Hugs to all.x

ursula Uphof said...

Curt, I hope they can sort out your arm fun to be in pain. Love the card for your Mom. Take care, hugs, Ursula

Becky said...

MY word, I do pray that they get your arm back to normal. I just love your Mothers day card, the paper is gorgeous and great design to hide the gift. I also love that second one, the tree looks like real wood and loving the sentiment.

Stamping With Bibiana said...

this is my 1st time here at your blog...and I was surprised to see a male crafting...well we all know Tim holtz :) but I am glad that you are into this "crazy" passion of us ...Your cards are lovely and I wish you the best for your pain...
keep in touch

Ellen said...

Take it easy on that shoulder!!!! Try juicing celery to help you sleep. It has natural sleep aids in it. It helps me a lot! Hope you heal quickly!! Your cards are fabulous !!! Especially love the way you hid that gift card behind the die cut! You are one brilliant dude! that frog would have freaked me out in the middle of the night~Great pix!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the ortho can help you. You sound like a nice guy and I really enjoy your blog. Good Luck.

Shirley-Anne Barber said...

Hello Curt, sorry that I have not called in for so long .Blog browsing tonight bought me to you and Love what you are sharing here .
Clever fold for Mother's card and beautiful paper.
Great photo of frog 's underbelly ..
Hope that with a bit of rest that arm of yours will be as right as rain quick smart ..Huge hugs Shirley-Anne

Janet Nagle said...

Hi Curt,

After reading the nice comment you posted on my blog about the doctor's bag card I made for my son, I had to come and look at what you've been up to! Your Mother's Day Card is gorgeous! I really like the bright flowers and how you attached the gift card!! I like your dogs and how much you care about them, too! Thanks for commenting, you made a very bad day better!


Anonymous said...

Hi Curt,

I just found your blog last week and actually have read every one of your posts from your first to your current post. It took me a full week to read your posts and I couldn't wait until evening came so that i could endulge in your blog. Your posts have made me laugh, cry and gave me the opportunity to learn about you, Jay and your love for your boys. I too had two boys, still hurting that they are no longer with me.

I hope that you, Jay and the boys are all doing well in your new home.

Loved all your cards, they are simply beautiful.