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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hey All!!

It is so awesome to see you back here!  How the heck are ya???  I know I visited all of you this past week that left a comment for me, but I still have a few more to get to, so I'll be seeing those of you I missed shortly!

This week I will dedicate to the "Square Card".  This shape card is my favorite to do.  It gives me more space to work with and I like the symmetry of the square.  So I have 3 to show you this week.  Take a look. . .

I made this card for my best friend Ken.  He just started a new job and I wanted to wish him luck with it.  This is a Gruffies image and it always reminds me of "the office".  This image would also be great for a card around tax time!  LOL  I created the background paper using Word and individual clip art pieces.  I lined each up and then duplicated them to form lines.  The main image is colored with colored pencils and oms.  I floated the sentiment with a fancy paper clip.

Here is the next card:
This is a get well card I made with a super cute image from Mo Manning.  I love this bear, and I swear it looks just like how pitiful us guys can be when we are sick.  Again, this was colored with colored pencils and oms.  

Here is the last card for this post:
Another cute image by Art Impressions.  This image was one my wonderful blogging friend Sue sent me.  And speaking of blogging friends, this card was made for the husband of my blogging friend Mary.  Her husband had surgery and I immediately thought about this image and how perfect for a get well guy card it is.  It is colored with my colored pencils and oms.  The brads are covered with brown fuzzy material which reminded me of couch nail heads (or whatever they are called).

Pic of the Week
Well, another Wednesday Evening Post has come to an end.  I want to wish those of you who are experiencing the first day of Spring today a very happy and safe Spring season.  I'm so glad to be seeing the cold weather leave us, but I don't look forward to the unstable weather and storms we have in Spring.  BTW, we are on the pool opening schedule for May 15th!!!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and for always leaving me such great comments.  I love you guys!



"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


richardbreaks said...

These are great, Curt. I love that you use your computer for card making. Other than the odd sentiment or two, I have not ventured into that arena. I like the paperclip as well! Cheers!

Jackie said...

Aren't you the clever one, making your own awesome background paper! I love that card, and it reminds me of an office, too. All of your cards are wonderful, you are so talented. As for Spring - it hasn't really decided whether or not to stay here just yet. One warm, sunny day followed by rain and 4 or 5 chilly, breezy days. I shouldn't complain, at least we haven't had 3 feet of snow, like some places have!

Lauri Ingram said...

Hey looks lioke my office and desk for sure!! lol and thanks for the reminder that it will in fact get warm...someday soon we hope!

Myrna said...

Such a cute gruffie. Clever background.
Bears face truly says it all. lol
Very nice background. A form of gingham?
Yep, that's how it is when DH is ill.
Your "recovery" card is great.
Majestic clock tower, isn't it?
Love the boys bandanas.

Ted said...

Your cards always put a smile on my face, Curt. :) I wish you all a very happy, healthy Spring!

Anonymous said...

All your cards are great, but I do like the one you sent me best. The pictures don't do it justice - it's awesome the way the good luck banner and the bear picture are raised from the background along with the cool paper clip. Everyone should know the bear's nose is 3-D too. Very cool!
Of course, the best pic on the blog is the boys in their Easter garb!


Patti J said...

The boys are all ready for Easter :) Your cards all made me smile. I'm sure their recipients will enjoy them. How nice of you to make a card for your blogging friend's DH! We are looking forward to some spring weather too - supposed to get 3" of snow tomorrow night, and more on Sat. ugh.. Oh, well, soon enough I'll be griping about the heat, right? lol... Hope you are well!

ursula Uphof said...

Love all your cards this week Curt. Very clever to do the background on your computer, gives it such a nice complete look.
Well I suppose we have to accept that while you are looking forward to the spring, we are now into autumn, but I do enjoy that's the next one I don't really like.
You take care now. hugs, Ursula

Beth Norman said...

You are always so kind to make cards for others. I hoard all of mine, but I'm trying to get better in letting them go. I love them all, but esp. like the paperclip bg paper. Very clever.

tilly said...

love all three of your cards, I love square the best.
Great background paper that you made and such lovely images and colouring, take care and hope you both have a happy Easter

Diane said...

Great cards once again...the get well ones got a great chuckle out of me, and I agree about the men being sick thing, sorry, but you guys aren't the best for our first day of Spring, right now I am looking at 5" of new fallen snow...ugh...agree with you about the nasty Spring/summer storms though..not fun!! Great pics of the boys in their Easter gear!!

Becky said...

I love square cards too! I love how you did the clip art on that first one, awesome idea and I just love that bear! I have to get over to Mo's and get that one :).
As you may have heard we here in RI had a snow storm and we are getting more snow showers today and tomorrow. So I hope this means we will have a long and wonderful Summer!!

Miranda said...

Awesome cards Curt! You never cease to amaze me!!!
Miranda :)

Sonja said...

AH what a great way to start my Thursday...thank you

I too love square cards, maybe I should try one again...he he he maybe I should just a card...any

your ability to color and make it look so real is a talent... I love colored pencils, I use a blender pen, because no one has showed me any other way...

Oh all three of these are precious... I will send u an email about one : )

So how are the BOYS?? ready for some good walks I bet... I might just need to take a road trip ti Ind this year, gee know any one that I could visit???

hugs, and thanks for the inspiration to go do what I love !

Rita said...

Wow Curt, these are all such great looking cards! My favorite one is the new job that you made your own design for the background, it's perfect & I love that stamp, so darn cute! Your Mo Manning's sick bear is too stinkin' cute, you nailed it when you said it reminds you how you men look when your sick...I totally agree with you, hahaha!!! Your other get well card is so funny, I love it! Have a great weekend & lets hope that winter is finally gone till next year.

Robin said...

What super cards! I love the Mo Manning bear-every man needs a get-well cad like that!

Gail said...

Great cards!
Glad Ken loved his!
It's a wonderful image!
The get well card made me LOL!
Awesome, and so is the recovery card!
Love the boys in their Easter bandanas!
We had a blizzard last night, and are supposed to have more of the same tonight! Hope it holds off, I'm going to the movies!

Mary said...

As always your cards are so cute Curt! Who won't want to receive a Good Luck card for a new job, I would for sure! Little bear card is adorable. My favorite, of course, is the one you made for my hubby, too darn cute!! Of course, it will go on my shelve in my craft room after he sees it and it will remind me of my wonderful blog friend too! Thanks! Dogs look cute in their Easter finery :)

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Curt!!! Your cards are just always the kind that bring just the biggest smile! They are always so sweet and just too adorable!

Thanks for stopping by, my friend! It is always such a pleasure to see you -- always! Len and I are doing well after a nasty bout with an ugly virus... lol!

Kiss the "boys" for me and hugs to you!

Lorraine A said...

Fabulous cards Curt :-) all of them gave me a smile,, always love Gruffie and very clever paper ,,
the Beary sick card ,,, he is very cute and I love his slippers :-)
and the chair !! well ,, I just LOVE that and the sentiment ,, very funny :-)

I wish I was there to share a glass of something chilled for your pool opening party :-) I should do one of those too !! Think I just might !! :-)

Hope you have a fab weekend
lols x x x
p.s ,, love the boys in their Easter scarves :-)

Mary Ann said...

Love your cards,Super cute...

lisa808 said...

The image on your first card is so cute and I love the paper you created. The next two images are definitely fun man stamps. I especially like the one with the slippers.

Sharon Caudle said...

Hi Curt! It was so nice to see you pop by to visit this weekend! I am loving ALL of these cards! I do love whimsical stamps and you are definitely talented with those pencils! All three are awesome, but I must say I'm partial to the bear in the bunny slippers!! LOL!
hugs, Sharon

Glittered Paws said...

Wow your creative ability never ceases to amaze me - love all 3 cards you showed this week and love square cards - isn't it amazing how a couple of inches gives us such a different canvas??? I'm thinking spring is never going to come - several inches of snow here and COLD - so more time in the girl cave.

Anonymous said...

Hi Curt,
It is Lisa again - I want to thank you for the beautiful gift box of Snail Mail cards, they are adorable. Your craftsmanship is out standing, Hallmark should be very worried - your cards put theirs to shame. I have been blessed to have you in my life, even if it's only over the phone. I love your website and will visit it often. The card you created for your best fiend who just got a new job is fantastic, I love it!

Again, thank you for brightening my day. The gift box of cards was so sweet; I really wish I could pay you for them. I still smile every time I look at my little mice card sewing; it sits right on my desk!

Thanks again,

Carmen O. said...

These are sooo cute and that recovering one is hilarious. I'm sure your friends are always happy to receive such great cards. Thanks for always inspiring me!