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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hey All!!!

Happy Wednesday and welcome to another edition of my blog.  I'm nervous about this because I am showing my first SEWING projects!!!  I have been practicing so much, and I'm learning a lot.  However, the stitching isn't absolutely perfect but it is getting close.  I've got a ton to share with you in this post, so let's get to it!

First, as promised, it is time for MY BLOG CANDY GIVE-AWAY!!!!  Since I'm all excited about my new sewing machine and all the possibilities it has added to my paper crafting, I thought I would give away something that is related.  Drum roll please. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It is a We Are Memory Keepers Sew Easy prize package!!!!  The retail value of this prize is $50.00.  As you can see from the photo, here is what you'll get:

  • (1) Sew Easy Mat
  • (1) Sew Easy Tool with a straight stitch head and handle that holds a needle
  • (2) Additional Sew Easy stitch heads with various stitch patterns
  • (8) Sew Easy spools of colored floss for a total of 24 different colors

How's that??  I had bought all of this at various times thinking that I would not make the plunge and get a sewing machine.  But once I got my machine I didn't need this system any more so I thought it would make the perfect blog candy.  So, how do you win????  You know me, I don't make you jump through hoops to get it.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to be entered.  It would be nice if you followed me, but it is certainly not required.  I will use to select the winning comment at Noon, July 6TH, and will post the winner's name on the 6TH's Wednesday Evening Post.  I wish all of you good luck!

OK, on with the projects I would like to share.  Here is my first SEWN card!!!!:

See the stitching???  My first zig-zag stitched card!!!  I thought this House Mouse image would be perfect for it.  I paper pieced the little mouse doll with the same background paper.  The round sentiment was created in Word on my computer.  I, of course, colored the image with my cheap colored pencils and oms.  Here is a close up of the stitches. . .
I'm honestly shocked that the stitches measured perfectly to each corner on all corners.  Talk about beginner's luck!  LOL  I'm learning so much about the machine. . .for example, who knew your bobbin thread color doesn't have to match your spool thread color?????  I bought a bunch of bobbins thinking that I would have to have one for each color I used. . .LOL  Such a newbie!!!

OK, my second project:
This photo isn't the best, but it was the best I could do. . .This is a bookmark that I made for a neighbor who loaned me a great book (Merle's Door - about a man and his life with a very special Golden Retriever - made me cry several times!!!).  I've finished it, and wanted to return it with this handmade bookmark.  The background paper is all the dark black print.  It was the glare on the paper that makes the bottom part look dull.  I looked up "book quotes" on Google and picked this one and generated it on my computer.  I cut the top of the bookmark with a Nesties set by just doing the top.  Added the brads, eyelet for the ribbon, and then stitched around the two sides and bottom.  Don't look too close. . .I still need practice with my straight stitch!  But it wasn't bad.  The bookmark itself is very sturdy because I stitched 3 layers of card stock together so that it wasn't flimsy.

OK, last card is not a sewn card, but it is an experiment. . . 
Know what this is????  It is a piece of paper thin tree bark from a River Birch tree.  Here is the tree. . .
When I picked this piece up off of the ground, I couldn't get over how much like paper it was.  Then of course the idea came to mind . . . hmmmmmm paper. . . .
I know it is a simple looking card, but it is kind of unique.  As you can see, I stamped right on the paper thin bark.  This image is the large tree from my friend Mark's stamps at Deadbeat Designs.  I used distress inks (rusty hinge, mustard seed, and walnut stain).  Once I was finished stamping on the bark, I tore around the edges to get a rustic kind of feel.  I used glossy accents to glue it down to the card stock.  To dress it up a bit, I used a wonderful little trinket that my good buddy America sent me and some natural hemp cord for more natural accents.  This will make a great Fall note card.  Kind of fun, huh?  Once I had it done, I wished I had used my wood grain embossing folder for the dark brown mat.  That would have made it look better I think, oh well. . .Just goes to show that if you look at things differently, you can come up with some really unique stuff!

I also wanted to share a couple of other things.  Here is the new place in my craft room for my sewing machine:
I know. . .don't laugh at the two chairs on either side. . .I like my barrel chairs (they were in my office when I was a manager and when they closed our division, they let us keep some of the furniture).  I just don't have any where else to put them and they have always been up there.  Next week, I'll show a pic of the full room so you can see the configuration.  But I think this little table complete with large drawer is perfect for the machine!  I got it from my Mom. She is moving in with my sister this week until my sister's house sells, then they are going to buy a house together.  So Mom's getting rid of some of her stuff.

Finally, a special Pic of the Week:
This is my beautiful oldest boy, Shotsy.  He celebrated is 10TH birthday on June 24TH.  He looks a little blurry because I used the "low light" setting on my camera and you have to be really still.  It turned out cute anyway.  That is an Oreo Ice Cream Cake.  Every year, we have always gotten the boys an ice cream cake to celebrate their birthdays.  Of course, they just get a small slice and we get to eat it as well.  He is such a good boy.  He posed with that cake in front of him for 3 or 4 shots and posed for each one.  Never once did he try to eat the cake.  He really knows the rules and loves to pose for pictures.  He is truly the sweetest dog and such a love of my life.  This was taken with him at the coffee table in our living room.

OK, I've taken way more time of yours than I deserve.  I hope you enter for my blog candy!!!  I also hope you all have a wonderful, safe 4TH.  Thanks for stopping by, I love having you come and hang around with me.  Can't wait to see what you've been working on. . .See you on your blogs!

God Bless America!



"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
gosh where do i start, a gorgeous candy, i have often looked at this as my sewing machine hates me!lol.
Your little mouses card is fabulous with the stitching,brill sewing, luv the quote on the bookmark, ingenious use of the tree bark, it looks great on your card.
Your table is perfect for your machine, chairs look fab, awww how cute does Shotsy look, what a good boy, hope he had a lovely birthday.
Thank you for the chance to win ya fabby candy, hugs to all, sue,x

Jan Scholl said...

Man, I wish hubby could have kept his chair from his office when they threw everyone out before filing for bankruptcy. It was one of those totally recycled ergonomic computer chairs (retail about 900 bucks!). I guess they thought maybe they would sell them off for cash if they needed to.

So you discovered stamping on bark. I have some pieces from boy scout camp hubby brought me many years ago. Stuck somewhere. All my stuff is stuck somewhere. Well have a great holiday with your wonderful family. I wish I could go to Iowa to see baby Avanelle but it will have to wait until fall. So the dogs are my babies for now.

Jean McKenzie said...

Hi Curt! I so look forward to your posts each week!! What beautiful stitching you have done on the HM card. It is perfect - you have mastered the sewing no problem! Love the little set up you have for your sewing too! Love the bookmark and how clever to stamp on the bark.
A big Happy Birthday to Shotsy. Isn't he such a good boy to sit there drooling over that cake. He is such a lucky boy to be part of your family! The two boys are beautiful!
Thank you too for the opportunity to win blog candy. Have a wonderful week Curt!

Susan said...

Oh, dear Curt! Your wonderful post was worth waiting for! How I love your beautiful stitched projects. That little mouse card is so very precious (and perfect). The bookmark is gorgeous, and I do love the use of the bark - it really is special! I also love your blog candy, but you did save the best for last, with sweet Shotsy! I wish you and Jay a joyous 4th, and, as always, look forward to your next post.

Dee in N.H. said...

Fabulous cards! You are really making me think I need to sew something! LOL! I loved seeing the card made with the birch bark! I do that too! I love the look and always get excited when I see a good piece of bark on the lawn! Have a great holiday weekend!

Heide said...

Fantastic sewing! I love the idea of the Birch bark. You card is very cool!
Happy Birthday to your sweet Shotsy! He looks so proud.
Happy Bday big guy!
Hugs, Heide

Becky said...

Good morning Curt..
First of all Let me say that is some fabulous blog candy you got, and very colorful too.
Now how perfect is that house mouse image for your first sewing show!! Priceless..
I am sure your neighbor will love that book mark, I use scraps of paper, envelopes, so these are perfect for readers.
Love the idea of the tree bark, and you created a great card with it. I love seeing everyone's art spaces, yours is so neat..:)

Well you and Jay have a fabulous 4th.

Oh ya..:) I just love that photo of Shotsy, he is precious.

Gail L. said...

Hey Curt! Great projects, and blog candy! I've been looking at that 'Sew Easy' stuff for a while!
Happy Belated birthday to Shotsy, what a ham!
Love the house mouse card.........The bookmark, the bark card, everything's perfect!
Hope everyone's doing good!
Talk to ya later!

Krissy said...

Curt- I love love love the tree card with the clever! I haven't started to sew on my cards yet....I have a sewing machine, I just haven't gotten it out and given it a try....I'll add it to my ever-expanding "to-do" list and get around to it one of these days!

Happy Birthday to Shotsy! I love the picture with his cake - so so cute!

Hope you and Jay have a wonderful Independence Day!

Shirley said...

First of all, Curt, you never take time, you share it! I always enjoy every post of yours and it's like going in and sitting down for a visit, so the chairs are okay!!! Your cards are spectacular! Your sewing is encouraging me to set up my Jnome I bought and your cards are wonderful! I am in love with the card from the bark. How totally creative. I haven't seen any trees around here like that or you could bet I would be out there scavenging right now! Give Shotsy a great big HB hug for me!!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Shotsey here is a big birthday hug for you - O. You are a fast learner Curt, your stitching is right on. Hmmm, I think my home ec teacher would have given me a very LOW grade if I had put a different color on the bobbin, but then she was very strict. (I discovered she had taught my Mom in high school years before and when I asked her about it, she not only remember Mom, but named off all her sisters. Teachers memories!!) I loved all the cards and was fascinated with your birch card. Have a great week and a safe 4th of July.

Ted said...

Hi Curt! You'd never think that it's your first sewn project. You did wonderfully! :) And that birch card is so incredibly unique! You have a natural gift, my friend, for seeing things others don't. :) Also, here's hoping that Shotsy has another 10 years of happiness with you. He's lucky to have such a loving dad. :) I don't need the blog candy, so if my number is drawn, please add one and give it to that person. But it's generous of you, nonetheless! :) Take care, my friend!

lisa808 said...

And he can sew too!!!

Your House Mouse card is darling. Love the paper pieced little mouse and your zig-zag stitching looks perfect. So thoughtful to make a bookmark for returning the borrowed book. Stamping on bark--who would have ever thought?!?!? That is an amazing idea and card.

Thanks for the blog candy chance. I was looking at those stitching wheels the other day when I was out shopping.

I look forward to seeing the rest of your craft room. btw, I also have the rolling cart with the colored drawers.

Happy Birthday to Shotsy!

Myrna said...

Needless to say your cards and your perspective on things are totally awe inspiring. Love all your projects and I am so thrilled you took up sewing. Wonderful job.
Happy Birthday (late) Shotsy. Such a good guy to pose and not eat the cake. (he did better than I would).
Hugs to all

Lorraine A said...

fabulous creations Curt ,, I especially LOVE the cute first one with the HM image ,,, gorgeous ,,fab idea to use the bark of the tree it really looks effective ,,, and the bookmark ! what a lovely idea to make a small gift, you really are THE most thoughtful person I have ever 'met' !! you really are one in a million !!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you hooooooo
Happy Birthday to you :-)

Iam sure Shotsy had a fabulous birthday !! :-)

WOW !! what fabulous candy !!! I have been thinking of buying this set, I do have a sewing machine but think this gives it a more handmade embroidered look so would love a chance to win it too :-)

Hope all is well and thanks for your comments on my blog, all is well, Ray is fine :-)

luv n hugs
Lols x x x

Anonymous said...

Curt, way to be! Sewing sustains another branch in your tree of crafting adventures. Such a fine display photographed with a good steady hand! Must be Shotsy's trainer! Thank you for sharing stitching. Great fun texture.
Keep Looking UP!

mudmaven said...

Hi Curt! As always, you continue to amaze me with your talent and ingenuity - these cards are amazing and that birch bark one - WOWZA! I think your stitching is spectacular - I've been sewing since I was a kid but for some reason when I try to sew on paper it looks really, really awful! You're an inspiration though and I just might have to dig out that machine again. All the best to Jay and give those darling boys a big hug from me - especially that wonderful birthday boy! ~chris

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a generous offer of blog candy!

Patti J said...

Would you look at that wonderful stitching!!! You are incredible! Who would believe that you are just learning? Now you can SEW one of your paper quilt cards! (Can't wait to see it). First, thanks for the chance to win such a colorful and beautiful prize! You are so generous. Your neighbors are going to be so tickled with that bookmark. I love the sentiment, and anything done in black and white is a winner in my book! Again, look at that sewing! Wowzers... I must admit, I enlarged it, and when I went back to your text, it said "now don't look too closely" and I had to laugh :) I thought it was perfect. Your HM card is total cuteness, as well. The bark card is an amazing card - what a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration, dear friend :) I sorta like those chairs - I actually have two that are sort of a rusty orange color 'hidden away' in our bedroom! lol... Now, the show stealer, is the amazing Shotsy! That guy just looks so well behaved and hungry for cake! What a great pooch to sit and wait for his wee slice! Give him a Happy Birthday hug from his Aunt Patti! Have a great weekend, sir, and a safe 4th. We are BBQing here for about 25, and having our own little 'light show' afterwards! Hugs...

tilly said...

love the sewing and the paperpiecing lol, a beautiful bookmark anda great idea for using the tree bark.
How kind of you to offer candy as well, keep well

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Heya Curt!! Love your stitching!! The zig-zag really stands out! An awesome piece of art with the birch bark! My dad has made some stuff out of it like picture frames. Pretty neat looking bark! Can't wait to see the entire craft room revealed! The part I see looks so nice and tidy...wish mine looked that good! Oh and Shotsy is such a doll! What a perfect pose and lucky to get an ice cream cake for his birthday! I have a b-day coming up in August...hint hint for my cake! LMAO! :P Gotta say thanks for a chance to win that great candy! It looks amazing!
Fingers crossed! Hope all is still going better for Jay! Best wishes to you, Jay and the boys!

Shirley Hotop said...

Awesome cards and oh my what nice blog candy - first off your cards are amazing - what great stitching - and stamping on the birch bark is totally fantastic. Give a hug to Shotsy a birthday hug from my girls "Stella and Bella"

Mary said...

What a generous blog candy you are offering! I think you did wonderful with your new sewing machine, the card and bookmark look very good! Love your bark idea, we have trees around here that are shedding their bark too, will have to give this a try, thanks for the wonderful idea!

Mary said...

Opps, forgot to tell your how cute Shotsy is, what a handsome dog he is and what control he has too!

Carol's Ink Spot said...

My oh my, what wonderful cards you have made. LOVE your sewing. You did an excellent job of it. Cute House Mouse card. Love the little paper pieced stuffed mouse. Your bookmark has sparked an idea for me to use too. There is going to be a book fair at the thrift store I work at. I like your design and the sentiment used on this. Strengthening this with several layers is smart! The River Birch card is Beautiful! I like the rustic look is has and the little touch of elegance with the jeweled trinket. And last, you have a very sweet looking dog who obviously LOVES his photo to be taken. Thank you for sharing your creations today. Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Sue said...

Hey, old dogs CAN learn new tricks!! Love your stitching on your cards and projects. House mouse image is one of my favs and the bookmark is wonderful...what a nice gift and perfect for a lent book! I would have picked that bark up it and love what you did with it. Shotsy looks so patient! Keeley just had her 13th birthday! She would be jealous if she knew about the ice cream cake..... Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful blog candy, had not seen this before, but looks interesting. Great cards and conversation! Hope all is well.


Sheree said...

Beautiful cards Curt! You are doing the stitching perfectly!! Love the birch bark card as well. I used to play with the bark when I was little...back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
One trick for the zig zag when you get to the corner.. You will not have perfect luck every time! Slow down when you are approaching the corner. If the last stitch looks like it will go way past the corner then get the needle to the highest position.. put your finger on the reverse button and you will see that the needle backs up a bit. When you get to the right position that you want just lower the needle slowly. Voila! Hope this trick works for you!

ursula Uphof said...

Wow Ccurt, where to start love it all. You put me to shame. My machine is standing there and I haven't used it in ages, so need to get it out. Love your stitching and that bookmark is a wonderful idea, Isn't your card with the bark just so clever. Hope you all enjoyed the icecream birthday cake. The right weather for it and lots of "many mores" for the birthday boy. Wishing you a very happy 4th July, take care. Warm wishes from SA.

Jen Tapler said...

FABULOUS! Love this entire blog post!! A couple of specific things I wanted to point out - (1) I can't believe you're just now stitching and you're already WAY better than me! That's not at all fair. (2) I try to avoid straight stitching at all costs because I'm terrible at it. I am known to resort to "messy" stitching though, something I excel at!! LOL. This is where I go around the border of the card multiple time,s overlapping my straight stitching lines in a messy haphazard fashion. (3) LOVE love love Shotsy! Happy Birthday boy! (4) I haven't had a chance to reply to your e-mail, but I plan to - I SO appreciate your friendship and your candor!! ;-) Thank you. It's been a crazy week, but I'll try to e-mail this weekend. Hugs to you and Jay and the boys! Have a Happy 4th my friend! (p.s. don't enter me in the blog candy. It's such a generous prize, but I need to practice on my machine!!)

Lorraine said...

Happy Birthday Shotsy love the cake. Also love the blog candy. The card you have done with the bark is just amazing also you sewing cards wow you lost your way you should have been a tailor. Hugs from sunny Jersey.U.K.

mochamama said...

Okay, phew let me see if I can get this all straight. Awesome candy Curt and your sewing is perfect. I don't know what you are seeing my friend but it truly does look perfect to me! Your machine looks like royalty displayed in its new home!! Your cards/bookmark are all great. My fav of course is the house mouse card sigh.
I am already following you! And last but not least HAPPY BELATED BIRTDAY SHOTSY!!!

Mary Stokes said...

Curt, I've only just found your blog this past winter, but have enjoyed it so much. You have such a unique style! thanks for the chance at the great blog candy!
Mary S. in MO.

Marianne said...

well, I was going to comment on how great your sewing is (I can't do it to save my life) and then I saw your bark card and loved that as well. Then I saw your sweet dog. So the blog just kept getting better as I read on! I love all your ideas!

Anonymous said...

Okay second try I swear your blog does not like me : ( I love the tree bark card too awesome my friend...and your talents still amaze me... wow is all I can say ... Hey the blog candy is cool, and since my birthday is the 5 th...well just

I am so glad I stopped in here to start my day... Have a great and safe 4 th of July and til next time.... C Ya off for a girls day with my grand daughters : )

Anonymous said...

Oh yea annonomys would be me again... thought I had that figured out : ( and I forgot to tell you that your boy is so handsome...hope his day was grand...

Blessing to you til next time... say hi to Jay please ...
Soni B

christina d said...

What great cards. Your sewing looks great. I'm going to look for the paper birch when I go up north. I love how you used the bark on your card.

Linda said...

Hi Curt, I don't know why I don't get your post in my email until Friday. Almost like snail mail. LOL
You did a fantastic job with the sewing machine. I think I will get mine out and try today.
We have birch trees at or cabin and I put a piece in my smash book last weekend. I write on it. I will have to try stamping. Wonderful idea.
The book mark is such a nice idea. I love the quote is great. I love to read and I am a swimmer. I am going to put that on in my favorite quote file.
Thanks for all the wonderful ideas this week. I can't wait to see your room. Oh I love the chairs Oh and Happy Birthday to Shotsy. He is amazing to sit through all of that with that yummy cake right there.

Jackie said...

Your sewing skills are really good! That zig zag card is perfect, I'm jealous. I love your cozy little craft room, I would love to have room for a chair or two, just to sit and relax. I see the boys have their patriotic scarves on and are ready for the 4th.

Terry said...

Perfect, perfect, perfect blog Curt!!!
LOVE it all.
You are amazing - thank you.
Happy 4th of July from a Canuck celebrating Canada Day/4th on the border of Fort Erie, ON and Buffalo, NY.
We are called 'border brats'!!

cardscrapper said...

Hi Curt, Wow! You really impress me with your talent and quick thinking! That was so brillian to use that piece of bark in that way. It makes a beautiful card! I love all your work, am definitely a follower and wouldn't miss your emails for anything. I am totally in love with your Boys and look forward to the beginning of each month to see just what you have done for their new picture. They are so precious and make my day, along with your work making my day! Please keep up the good work. Your first sewing attempt was awesome! So glad you decided to purchase that sewing machine. It looks great and I love the chairs. Looking forward to seeing the whole room.

TRACIJD said...

Wow Curt, you ROCKED your first sewing projects. The card and bookmark are awesome. Your bark card is also incredible. I wouldn't change a thing, it's perfect as is. We don't have birch trees here in Florida but I will have to see if I can incorporate a piece of a palm tree into a card. I LOVE your idea. Thanks for sharing! Have a great 4th of July weekend!

Gina Wrona said...

Hi Curt!

Everything is absolutely amazing from the stitching on the card to the bark used and of course your precious 10yr old pup Shotsy! Wow, I can't believe he is that old, never would have thought it when I watched the video you posted awhile back. My oldest is 6 1/2, then 4, then 3 1/2, then 11 months.

I'm stuck in the office of course and have to wait to go up north for the holiday, but at least I get to visit with you.

Happy 4th of July!

Jane Wetzel said...

hey Curt..omg..this could be my fav post ever on your blog! lol where do I start? Your sewing is incredible for a newbie! the tree bark thing is awesome and the "birthday dog" is so darn cute :) I love my dogs also and I am patiently awaiting grandchildren from my kids...someday! happy 4th!

Peggy said...

FIrst I want to say big hugs to Shotsy for his birthday! I wrote down the name of the book and I have two for you if you haven't read them. Both are written from the perspective of the dog. Both are very different but both wonderful. One is "The Art of Racing in the Rain" and the other is "A Dogs Purpose". Both can be gotten through the library system OR you can buy used copies on Barnes and Noble and
I LOVED the bookmark and they are one of my favorite things to make and I had not thought of using the nestie for the top like that. I also am in awe of your sewing as I have looked at those small machines several times and walked away. Maybe now.... I love your blog, it is my favorite one and I too feel like I am hearing from a dear friend when ever I read your weekly sharing. Thank you!

Celeste said...

WOW! I love the House Mouse card. Your sewing is superb! The bookmark is over the top, so great that you made it thick so it won't bend easily and will hold up. I ADORE the "bark" card. It is absolutely gorgeous. You are so creative! That was my favorite of all. Happy Birthday to Shotsy, loved his pose. Hope all of you have a great holiday weekend.

Bonnie Weiss said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOTSY!!! What a terrific photo!

You have once again, mastered another technique (or two) ... your sewing is perfect and your stamping on the tree bark is sooo unique. That is such a sweet little HM image.

It's always a treat to read your posts, Curt ... a real pick-me-upper.

(No need to put my name in your draw ... I use my machine whenever I want to sew, too).

Beth Norman said...

I see I'm not the only one who feels you touched me and my stamp room. First off, how in the world do you keep your craft room so neat and tidy. I stumble over everything to get to my sewing machine. Speaking of sewing machine, I sewed two pieces perfectly this morning, then that's where it stopped. My thread was getting caught and I didn't know so I sewed without thread---leaving blank holes. I think my bobbin is wonky.

Your stamping on bark is beautiful.

Queen Mary said...

Curt, LOVE the House Mouses! Love the birch tree bark, and love, love love your little sewing corner! You are hilarious! I actually still have a sewing machine in the cabinet, which IS a piece of furniture when closed up so I don't think your positioning is weird at all.... You've just kept your machine out.

Sally Cicada Designs said...

Hey there Curt!!

My life has been a whirlwind lately with helping my daughter with exams, going on her year end trip to Ottawa (our nation's capital) and then her Grade 8 Graduation. I don't think I have looked at anyone's blog in weeks!! I just had to come and see what you have been up to and I laughed when I saw your blog candy :o) I just bought my first We Are Memory Keepers Sew Easy stuff today. Too funny, but kudos for you for going all technical with an actual sewing machine LOL!! Your cards are fabulous and the bookmark is stunning!! Love the pic of your pooch too--such a darling guy!!
Today is Canada Day here!! I love it that our nation's birthdays are so close!! Happy 4th of July!!
Big Hugs to You!!
Sarah ☺

Leigh said...

Fabulous stitched cards Curt and your stamped piece of bark is wonderful. Happy Birthday Shotsy. Love the pic.

Lindsay M. said...

whoaaa!!! Someone has been busy!!! Amazing blog candy!!!! Love it!! Thank you for the chance to win!!!

Those cards are gorgeous!! Love the tree bark one!! Simply amazing!!!! What a wonderful idea!!!! Great job! You really are super talented!!!

That house mouse stamp is the best!! I have that one too!!! I love it!!! Great job on the sewing!! Isn't it addicting!! LOL!! :)


Carmen O. said...

Curt your card and bookmark are absolutely wonderful! I love your stitching and paper piecing. I've been sewing since I was about 10 yrs old. First troll doll clothes, then on my grandma's treadle machine. Then I went to college to be a clothing designer...boy did I get off track huh? I guess I just wanted to let you know why sewing is so special to me.

Sounds like you have some wonderful neighbors!

Shotsy is such a good boy to sit there and behave. Happy Birthday Shotsy!

Hope you and your wonderful Family have a great Fourth of July!!

Wendalyn said...

HI Curt, Your sewing is great and love the card like normal. I can't sew on material at all but find sewing on cardstock is great and i normally do it on all my cards. I love the idea on the bark. Think my neighbors would let me strip the bark off their tree's haha probably not. Happy Birthday to your sweet doggie too. They always crack me up since my little mini schnauzer is only like 13 lbs... Have a fabulous 4th...

Susan said...

Hi Curt: I am just checking in on you to make sure that things are going well for you. I hope and pray that Jay is doing better and that you are settling into a good routine. Both of you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Big hugs from a big fan of yours, who is lucky to call you a friend. Sue

thestampinglady said...

I'm just now getting caught up on my blog reading this week. I really look forward to visiting you every week. That is some prize package--thanks for the chance to win. Your sewing projects are great: I have sewed for several years and mine still does not look that good on cards! And your birch wood is a great project. I will be interested to know how it holds up. Dar
PS: Happy Birthday doggie! He looks like he will really enjoy that cake.

Anonymous said...

Your first attempt at the sewing card was SEW cute. This was the perfect card to start with! I loved the bookmark but that stamping on the bark was TREEMENDOUS. Sorry, couldn't help myself! Now the dear birthday boy! Happy birthday big guy and many more birthday cakes for you! Looks pretty yummy! Hugs and a scratch behind those cute ears! Love their patriotic scarves too. Great job as usual Curt! Have a safe holiday weekend.

Chris R. from Iowa

nise said...

Your sewing looks fantastic! The bookmark is so classy - love how you cut the top and the quote is perfect. I had some birch bark once upon a time and did use it on the background of the card; never thought to stamp on it - DUH! Oh and ice cream cake for birthdays - YUM! - and may Shotsy have many more. Happy Independence Day!

Sue Ann said...

The birthday photo is killing me ....... I cannot stand how cute that boy is and posing so perfectly ..... LOVE HIM ~~ give him a birthday kiss from me.

Your sewing is perfect ...... of course it is ....... you are a crafty kind of guy!!!

Fantastic gesture and idea with the bookmark and I love how it turned out.

NOW THE RB tree card ........ OH MY OH MY OH MY!!! This is so creative and such a beautiful card AND I cannot wait to get some bark off of our RB ........ just beautiful Curt.


Tertia said...

WOW! So much on your blog this week, I am so sorry it took me so long to get here. The birthday boy is super cute, I don't think my dogs would sit so still and not eat the cake!
The bookmark is great and so is the card that you sewed on. I actually love those chairs, they look like the perfect place to sit and ponder your next creation.
The blog candy is fantastic. BUT... that card you stamped on the bark? Now that is a piece of srt!
I can't believe that I am going to be at CHA in less than two weeks! How cool is that? I just wish I had the time and money to meet all my wonderful blog friends while I am there, but alas, thats not going to happen unless you all decide to come to CHA too. hint, hint...

Miranda said...

Your projects are amazing. I wish I could sew. I bought me a craft sewing machine and keep saying I'm going to give it a go! Thanks for all the inspiration!
Miranda :)

Lori Barnett said...

DUDE!!! Now you are SEWING and your had a BIRTHDAY for your DOG?! What's next...running for president? are Blowin' me AWAY! LOL! LOVE the HM card :) OH...and the tree bark thing...did you check for termites? LOL! That is soooo COOL!

linedancer said...

Hi Curt, Saw these sew easy things on archivers email, thought they looked like lots of fun! Your card is great, love house mouses/mice lol I use to get your blog but haven't lately and don't know why, should I sign up again? Your birthday Schotzy pic is so fun, what a good doggie to sit and pose for his pic. Hope all is well with you. Rosy Eckhardt

Lee said...

Hi Curt.Happy 4th of July.I absolutely adore all of your wonderful creations.I have just aquired a second hand but very good condition sewing machine from a friend of mine.I can't sew with card though it just gets jammed !!!

Shotsey is sooo cute,what a good dog posing like that with that mouth watering cake in front of him lol.Love that bark card soooo imaginative.Hugs to all.xx

maryr917 said...

hi curt-hope you had a great holidya week-end-I am catching up on commenting-life has been a bit busy-I love the sewing on your cards-it looks fab-I dont sew either-was thinking about buying a little craft machine but Iwould need lessons for sure (lol)!!
the birthday cake looks yummy

Anne Marie said...

Happy *belated* Birthday to Shotsy! He looks like he had a fun time. My boys would NOT have sat still with treats in front of them like that. Lol! I LOVE that birch card! What a great idea! I need to keep my eyes open for cool finds on my next walk, for sure. Have a great night! :)

DeeDee said...

WONDERFUL.....all of it! I love the tree bark card...the ultimate in recycling Curt! WOW! HUGS! :)

Loll said...

Hi Curt:

Love your idea to stamp on a piece of birch bark - now, that's thinking outside the box!