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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hey All!

It's always good to see you.  I have the best looking readers in all of Blogland!  I sure hope that you all made it through the stormy weather of the past week unscathed.  I thought about many of you in the states that were affected.  We've had quite a couple of nights with heavy wind and rain, but thankfully, no damage.

Well, last week's poll revealed that the most aggravating part of our card making is CROOKED CUTS.  I'm with the majority there.  You have all read my rants about paper cutters that don't cut straight.  Coming in at a close second was SMUDGES.  Again that would be my second biggest frustration.  Thanks for participating.  I've got a new question up, so let your opinion count!

Nothing over the top for tonight's post.  I've been scouring the internet for some new creative ideas and have been coming up dry.  But I did create 3 cards for this post so here they are:

My first is a card I made duplicates of for a couple of neighbors and my doctor's office for Easter:

This is the newest addition to my Happy Hoppers collection.  This sleeping bunny is just adorable.  Looks to me like he ate everything in the basket and now is sleeping it off.  I colored it with my colored pencils and oms, added the bow and done.  I really do think this is a perfect Easter image.  This image is called "Hoppy Dreams".

Here is another Easter card:
Do all of you have those neighbors who decorate their outdoors for Easter?  I was inspired by those folks that decorate their trees and shrubs with brightly colored plastic eggs.  I really do love the DIY Topiary Stamp set from Flourishes.  I've used it more than any other stamp set I have.  So, I thought an egg covered topiary tree would be perfect for an Easter card.  I created the little eggs in Microsoft Word and cut them out.  Made the little tiny bow with the Bow Easy (love that thing).  I kind of like how it turned out.

This last one represents something that I normally don't do, but I did make an exception for this card.  This is almost an identical copy of a card I saw  HERE.  

I changed several things, but they look so similar.  I changed colors a bit, stamp, ribbon color, sentiment. . .but all in all it is a case.  I loved the look of her card and it was one of those classics that can be used for so many things.  Thank you Wendybell for the inspiration for this card!

I took this photo yesterday, and it just made me think that it was the perfect depiction of Winter giving into Spring.  You have the trees in many different stages, the dead grasses from Winter's cold and the greening up all happening in one scene.

OK, that's it.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  To all of those who celebrate Easter, I wish you many Easter blessings.  Easter also happens to be my Gunther's Birthday.  So along with Easter dinner we will be having the traditional ice cream birthday cake for dessert to celebrate his day.

Hugs to all of you!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Patti J said...

Well Happy Birthday to that handsome boy!!! Curt, I'm always so happy to see you color one of those Happy Hopper's!!! You do such a beautiful job with those pencils!!! Beautiful Easter card, even if that bunny DID eat all the candy! The topiary Easter tree is too cute - I have seen folks dress up their trees and yards for Easter - thank goodness I didn't try that this year - they would have all blown away! Your last card is totally versatile - it could be adapted for many occasions! Sir, I cannot believe how early you posted tonight! It's not even bedtime yet! Pic of the Week is great! Have a good week and weekend, and be sure to give Gunn a Happy Birthday hug from Missouri!

Dawnll said...

Isn't blogging the greatest?
I so enjoy all the friendships I have made - and believe my followers are the best.

I LOVE your new stamp, I think the bunny ate all the candy also and left those
Glad you fared that crazy weather, we got snow 3 days and it melted by night-thank goodness.
Looking forward to Spring- or summer now since it is so close.
Happy Birthday to Gunther and Happy Easter to all of you

mudmaven said...

Love your pic of the week - perfect representation of this wonderful season of change. I love the little sleeping bunny too - soooooo cute! Haven't been blurfing much, but am so glad I stopped by. Your case of Wendy's card is gorgeous. All the best to Jay and hugs to you and the boys. ~chris

Sheree said...

Sympathy cards are the hardest ones to make. You hit the nail on the head with yours..It is lovely! The Easter cards are adorable, especially the first one!

Ted said...

Hi Curt! I love the bunny image...that coloring is second to none! :) And I agree about the Bow Easy...a crafter's dream! :) Seems like Gunth and I have close birthdays...means he and I would get along just fine. ;) Spoil him rotten! And there is still time to play with my HEC if you really are having trouble being inspired. :) Happy Easter to all of you gentlemen! :)

Anonymous said...

Curt, Happy Easter! including ice cream cake! White in the middle and choco Rocky Road on the outside to symbolize the empty tomb would be super. Thankful for freedom to celebrate!
Need to stir some zip in the morning for some sympathy cards. Your very multi-occasion card does dress up nicely for sympathy. Thanks for exampling.
Keep Looking UP!

Becky said...

Awww tell Gunther "Happy Birthday" and give him a big hug for me :).

I have been in Va. visiting family and just beat all that wind and rain they had down there.

I love the new Hopper, he is so cute and love the little bow.
I don't know any one around here decorating for Easter, but this is a fabulous card, love how you did the Easter Eggs.

Have a blessed Easter.

Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
gorgeous cards as always, such a cute ickle mouse, your colouring is beautiful, never seen any one decorate a tree with eggs over here, the eggs on your tree look fab, beautiful case card, very classy. Lovely piccie of the week, happy birthday to Gunther, have great easter all of you, hugs, sue,x

Diane said...

It's 2:40 am here and your ost just "popped" in.....great Easter that little Hopper and I can relate to him...I just bought some marshmallow bunnies for my Grandkids and have to buy them again....nuff said....except..yum!!
I like Flourishes too, in fact I just won their entire release from came exciting!
well, tell that big guy Happy Birthday from Nellie and I....maybe Nellie should make him a card..hmmmm....we had storms, too and worse that ugly four letter word SNOW! Have a great lots of chocolate!

Elaine M said...

Happy Birthday Gunther!! Hope you get all the doggie goodies your heart desires.
Happy Easter

Jean McKenzie said...

Hi Curt! Happy Birthday to Gunther. I would love to be there while you sing HB to him and he eats his cake LOL!
Love your cards, especially the Happy Hopper in the basket. Beautifully shaded! The topiary tree is very pretty and the sympathy card is perfect in every way. Your pic of the week is great - interesting to me to see the change over from winter to spring there.

DeeDee said...

Very nice Curt! You know I always smile when I visit your blog! The bunny in the basket is my fav this week! Have a wonderful Easter Sir! HUGS!

Dee in N.H. said...

Beautiful cards! I especially like your topiary tree, how pretty! Happy Birthday to Gunther and Happy Easter to all!

tilly said...

Happy Easter, we don't decorate our trees in Englad lol, I love that cute mouse, he seems so content in the basket..... your other 2 cards are really good as well

Bonnie Weiss said...

Your Easter cards are soooo adorable. You always manage to create the perfect cards but they are never overdone or too busy. The topiary is such a versatile stamp and you sure have made it your own with the Easter eggs.

Your sympathy card is a true classic. I think any hand crafted card at a time of loss, is appreciated by the recipient. As for it being cased ... I think many ideas come from things we see that other's have done. That's the beauty of sharing.

AND ... Happy Woofday to Gunther! (give him a BIG hug from me). Wish I could be there to enjoy the celebratory ice cream cake with you!

Heide said...

Happy Birthday Gunther!
Guinness says "Woof! Woof!"
Your sympathy card is one of my favorites today. Great clean lines and what a great butterfly.

Glittered Paws said...

Happy Birthday Gunther!!! Enjoy your ice dream cake - and Stella and Bella (my big girls) send birthday wishes to Gunther also - oh yes your cards - love them all - especially the last one simply put beautiful. Well the bunny in the basket is too cute - spectacular coloring and I guess chocolate is the mainstay of bunny diets as well as humans. The first blog I go to every Thursday am is to your blog - always brings a smile.

Sonja said...

Well how colorful...the cards are all great... Sorry I missed the question last week, but my thoughts would have fit into the same categories...
I am not able to be at home to make Easter cards, so I am enjoying looking at others...

Again thank you for our your personal and kind words of sympathy, you are just an exceptional man...

Ann Schach said...

Adorable Easter cards, Curt! Fabulous coloring as always! Tell Gunther "Happy Birthday" from the Twins...and may all of you have a blessed Easter!

lisa808 said...

Curt, your first card is adorable. That bunny does look like he's thinking, 'why did I eat that last peep!' Fun Easter topiary. Great 'case.'

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to Gunther!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday, Gunther, you handsome devil! Curt, your coloring skills are awesome. I love your Easter cards and the sympathy card is very serene and beautiful. Thanks for the pic of the week, too - I am amazed every year by how quickly things do green up. We avoided the worst of the weather last week, and just had some thunderstorms but the rain sure did help Spring around here. Happy Easter to you all!

Jude said...

Happy Easter Curt! Your bunny looks likes he's got a "chocolate coma" thing going on. Maybe Gunther will have the same look on his face after his eating his birthday cake. :o) Thanks for your weekly inspiration! I'll definitely be copying your sympathy card - it is such a beautiful, classic card for any occasion.

maryr917 said...

2 great easter cards curt-your coloring is amazing as well-yes the bow easy is a wonderful tool as well-easter blessings to you as well

Serendipity Stamping said...

A great big hug to Gunther on his special day! You are a treaure and a true joy to your family. I know you "Dad" is very, very proud of you and loves you oh so much. Wish I did Easter cards Curt. The bunny is adorable! But I did enjoy all three, your special take on the egg tree and the cased card is very classy.

Gail said...

Hey Curt!
Great cards, you are the KING of coloring!
Pic of the week is so pretty!
Happy Birthday Gunther!
Happy Easter Curt, Jay, the mommas, and boys!
Talk to ya soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi ya Curt!! :) Oh how I adore your Happy Hopper card with your coloring!! Beautiful Easter designs and such fabulous photos hun!! Thanks for all you share!!

The Rubber Maid said...

Happy Easter Curt to you and all your boys. Love your Easter bunny sweeet! Pat

Linda said...

Awh winter giving way to spring. We had a snow storm yesertday.:( But it is very pretty today. The grass is getting very green.
I love your cards. Not to many people decorating for Easter around me. One house and they have very little. The have a ton for Halloween and Christmas.
Happy Easter Curt!

Myrna said...

Great cards. Especially the mouse that ate too much.
Happy Birthday Gunther.
Your pic of the week is marvelous.

Leigh said...

No decorating outside here in Queensland either Curt. Anzac Day in Australia falls this Easter weekend on the 25th April with marches and services all over the country.
Your cards are lovely. A very happy birthday to Gunther and a wonderful photo too.

Sue from Oregon said...

Great cards tonight know I am partial to the Hoppers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Curt, I just wanted to say I look forward to your post each week. I love your photo's, I love your 4 legged children, I love your cards and most of all I like the way you write. I feel like I have come to know you and I like you very much! Thank you so much for sharing ALL your talents with us.

Grateful in Mentone, CA

Lee said...

Happy Birthday Gunther.I love the cards especially that gorgeous bunny.Really fab pic of the week.Happy Easter to you all.xx

Macpurp said...

Happy Birthday Gunther!!! wags and hugs from Poppy & Bella!

Great cards again Curt, I love the sweet wee bunny! great photo at the end too.

love to you, Jay and your boys.

Teen & Co xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Belated Birthday Gunther...I am so sorry I missed it little guy! I wish we lived closer so our babies could play together while we stamped together! You never know, we might even get Harley into joining us now that he feels he knows you. LOL..... naw.... I remember when I worked for him, I managed the flower shop in his store. He thought he could do what I did so he decided to have a "Design a Wreath" Competition with me. OH MY! I wish you could see what he made.....the staff talked about it for years. No, not a good talk! lol. Love the cards Curt, the little bow on the basket with the bunny is way cute, I bet your neighbors loved getting that card.
Hugs my friend.

America said...

oh Curt, Im sooooo lovin' all of these cards. You should have totally entered that EASTER one into our HM&F EASTER challenge. WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!! Hope your Easter was very special and most blessed alongside your loved ones. {{{HUGS}}}

Lorraine A said...

Sorry it has been a while since I popped by ,, :-/ The fist thing I saw was the piccy of our boys LOL !! I nearly choked on my glass o'red !! :-) sooo cute with the flowers on their heads lol :-) they MUST love you to allow you to do that to them lol :-)
very cute hoppy card, th image is adorable ! fab topiary easter tree too, what a briliant idea ! Love the sympathy card too ,, they are alweays diffy to make but that is perfect ,,, I may be CASEing this too !! :-)

Hope you had a lovely Easter xx
Lols x x x

Susan said...

I am a bit late in getting around to comment on my favorite blogs. I sure do love the cards that you do. And I love reading about your walks and your Jay and your boys. I hope that you had a lovely Easter and that Gunther enjoyed his birthday.