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Monday, July 19, 2010


Hey All!

Can you believe that two Monday's have passed and it's time again for another House Mouse And Friends Monday Challenge?  Wow, the weeks are such a blur anymore.  I can't believe that July is already more than half over.

OK, on with the challenge. . . . .As my title indicates the challenge is to do a card that revolves around or has something to do with the letter "B".  This week it was my turn to come up with the challenge, and I thought just using a letter of the alphabet would not only be easy, but would allow for a whole range of ideas.  So, to get you started, here is my challenge card:

Can you find all 6 "B" tie ins?  Buttons, babies, blue, bunny, buggy, boys (I'm pretending all the bunnies are boys!  LOL)  This adorable image is called "Bunny Buggy".  I colored the image with my colored pencils and oms.  I paper pieced the buggy so that it matched the background paper.  The over-sized buttons I made from scratch.  They are really easy to make.  You simply punch out 5 or 6 scrap circles and 1 circle of the paper you want your button to be.  Then just glue all of the circles together and make sure the last circle glued on top is your colored/patterned paper.  Use a tool to punch the holes (I used a silent setter for mine).  Here is a close up of the buttons:

This technique gives you the ability to have "buttons" that match your card perfectly.  It is a fun idea that I saw somewhere on the net quite awhile ago but I can't remember where.

Anyway, there you have it!  I really do hope you take the time to play in the next couple of weeks.  At least run over and take a look at my talented teamie's challenge cards this week.  I've seen them, and they are amazing this week!  Take a look HERE.

OK, thanks for coming by and taking a look.  I'm always so grateful that you do.  I have a  great post coming up on Wednesday (I promise, God forbid anything unforeseen!)  So I hope to see you then.

I usually don't do the "PIC OF THE WEEK" on my HM post, but I couldn't resist this week because the picture fit so well with my card project this week.  GO TAKE A LOOK BELOW!  LOOKS LIKE ONE OF HER BABIES FELL OUT OF THE BUGGY!!!!  LOL  I took this photo through the glass at my front door.  This little one was munching leaves right by the porch.  Such a cutie!

Take care all!  Hope you are well!  See you on Wednesday!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Danielle said...

Curt! I love your HM challenge this week - talk about inspiration! Your image choice and colours are absolutely adorable and I love how you paper pieced the buggy and made those buttons! So cute!
And I LOVE the pic of the week - very apt! Hope you have a great week!
Hugs, Danielle

Shirley-anne said...

BEAUTIFUL!! another 'B'
Love that paper and cute image . Thanks for sharing tip on button making .

Shirley-anne said...

SORRY ..senior moment . Meant to say that the photo of Bunny in garden is delightful and thank you for sharing it

Scossie Jane said...

Curt, your card is adorable. I love how you have made the body of the buggy match the card surround - too sweet. Pic of the week ties in beautifully too.....

Hugs xx

Diane said...

What a cute post...have to love those little "boy" bunnies!!! The pic of the week couldn't have been more perfect!! A cute and different challenge, too....thnaks for sharing...oh, and you are correct, the weeks are flying by!!!

Peggy said...

Hi Curt! I came across your blog from the House Mouse Challenge. Your card is fabulous and this HM image is one of my favorites! Love the button idea!
I also love dogs and when I saw the names of yours I about fell in the floor. Who would think that there would be another dog out there named Gunther??
That is my twelve year old Mini Poodle's name!
If you look at my June 1st blog post, there is a pic of Gunther. (

Sue W said...

I've been away and missed a month worth of your blog post Curt! Sorry.
This little card is so darned cute!!! Who cares if they are rodents!!! Love the paper piecing and as always your colouring is spot on. Hope alls well and you and yours are enjoying the warm weather we had over there.

Rica said...

Absolutely fabulous Curt, are you and that Mary 'in league' this week? I'm tempted to say "Great minds think alike" or should I go with "Fools seldom differ" tee-hee!!! Just love this image, great colouring and paper piecing. Love your home-made buttons.
hugs Heather xx

Patti J said...

Your card is darling, as usual! Love the paper piecing, and those stinkin' mice are just too cute! Love that photo of the week too! Can't believe you took that from your front door :) Have a great week - hope things are going very well for you and all the boys!

Jackie said...

That is an adorable card, so sweet! Thank for the faux button idea - that is such a wonderful idea! I always end up searching through jar after jar for the perfect color. Love the bunny pic, too - they are so cute. You're so lucky to have them so close - I love the bunnies.

Becky said...

What an adorable card, I just love how you paper pieced this buggy, and what a fun challenge.
Picture of the week is so adorable

Sue said...

Hi Ya Curt
gorgeous card, luv the paper piecing, awesome colouring as always, the buttons look fab, luv the foto of the bunnie fits perfect,sorry im late commenting had hectic day, scoopy.xx

Dawn said...

Cute, cute, cute! Lovin those bunnies in blue.
My favorite is the paper piecing of the buggy. Great idea to share with the buttons.
I always enjoy your photo of the week.
Hugz to you and the boy's.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Curt! Yes, indeed we definitely must be long lost relatives! Hmmm.. wonder what image we should use for our next challenge? :) Your card is totally adorable! I love the idea of making your own buttons - that's very clever, I just love tips like this, cuz I always tend to make things (life too) more difficult than it need be! Thank you! Hope all is well with you and your family. hugz, Mary

Lorraine A said...

gorgeous card Curt :-) I love this buggy of boys :-) soo cute and the gingham and buttons are perfect :-) ,, such a cute piccy too !! you couldn't have posted a more apt photo !!

Lols x x x

Macpurp said...

the card and the bunny photo are super sweet!
need to go find my HM images and have a go

hope you are all well.

love teen & co x

berg4 said...

Fabulous photo! I love the card - making your own "buttons" -perfect way to coordinate. As always a wonderful card.

Judy said...

Great challenge you came up with. I love all your "B's"

craft_princess said...

Great challenge and wonderful card!

Sue from Oregon said...

Hey Mr card...I so love that baby buggy stamp! I have a thing for gingham, so am esp fond of the DP! I will have to remember the button tip..what a sweet bunny pic today too!

Cara said...

Cute card, love the handmade button idea and your paper piecing is great. Great picture of the bunny in your garden Too!

Bonnie Weiss said...

You so nailed the "B" challenge ... your card is adorable!!! And adorable is that little one outside in your garden. There is something so special about bunnies.

Jane Wetzel said...

adorable card- awesome buttons and the bunny pic is just so darn SWEET...tfs

Gina Wrona said...

Wow Curt,
Your card is so cute especially the bunnies, which were my favorite when I decorated my first baby room. Needless to say, my 15yr old son no longer has all the bunnies I so lovingly did his room in.


P.S. Your pic of the week is perfect!

Sue said...

Hi Curt, loved this challenge idea, and love your card! A buggy full of boys, that Mama bunny has her hands full! Love the gingham and paper piecing, and those little bunny faces could not be more adorable!! Wow, could your picture of the week fit into the B challenge and your card any better!! Timing is everything, right? Nicely done.

Take Care
Sue Drees

Jen said...

Adorable Curt! Hope all is well with you!

Big Hugs,

Celeste said...

Where's the rubber baby buggy bumpers? LOL
Your card is adorable as always. I love the button idea and, of course, your coloring is over the top. My goal in life is to color like you. I have some baby bunnies in my yard too. Aren't they adorable with their little fuzzy tails? Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me some love! Muah!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Such a cute bunny card Curt. Love the piecing you did on it and the tip for buttons. Thanks for the pic of your little bunny. It's so much fun to find different little animals in one's yard. We have sandcranes every once in awhile. Seems like we have two adults, they have about 4 babies and then they cross the highway and get hit and we start all over again. They were on the endangered list, don't know if they still are or not. Fun to watch fly and hear their loud, unmistable call. Have a great week. Hugs to everyone.

Jodi said...

Oh Curt, what an adorable card you created for the Letter B!! I can see all of the things that begin with it and I just love the coloring you did on them too!!
That photo of the bunny in your yard is just adorable!! I wish I could hold it, too darn cute!!
Jodi =)

Anonymous said...


lisa808 said...

Curt, love that paper-pieced matching buggy! The image is too cute and your 'home-made' buttons perfect. Beautiful B card!

Mrs.B said...

Great 'B' challenge. Loved the 'gingham' buggy. Fab idea with the buttons, thanks.
Avril B