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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hey All!!!!  I'm back!!!!  My computer is running like new, and I feel so connected again.  Honestly, I felt isolated without it.  I want to thank all of you for sticking with me and sending me emails of hello and encouragement and leaving such supportive comments on my last post.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

So, I've got some time to make up.  In all of my upheaval the past few weeks, I have stolen some time in my craft cave to make some cards.  So I'll show you a few of them that I've done.  Here is the first:

This is a fun technique called a folded frame.  It's super easy to do and I like the effect.  This was a birthday card I made for a friend of my Mom's.  The main image is from Flourishes, the viney stamp is a Hero Arts background stamp, and the butterfly is punched with a MS punch.  Here is a side view to show you the dimension:

This folds down beautifully to put into an envelope and pops up by itself when removed.  You can find a tutorial for this technique HERE.

The next card I made was for our next door neighbor who broke her foot:

How perfect is this image for that!?!  The House Mouse Stamp actually has nothing on the cast when you stamp it, so you can put anything on it.  I drew a smiley face on the cast, and had this great $1 stamp with a smiley face on it so I created the background paper with it.  I colored the image with my colored pencils and oms.  The inside says "Sending Happy Thoughts for a Speedy Recovery".

The last card I'm sharing with you tonight is one I made for another neighbor who's two daughters got pregnant at pretty much the same time, and ended up having their babies together while being in the hospital at the same time.  So here is the card I made for her:

I so love this House Mouse stamp. . .However, since she is a Grandma only twice, I had to alter the original image.  Here is what the stamp actually looks like:

You can see that I removed the third bunny so only two showed.  I just put a piece of cut paper on the stamp when I stamped the image so the third bunny did not stamp.  Here is a close up of the bed:

If you click on the picture, you'll see that I used a gold glittery pen to give it the look of brass.  Obviously the blue represents the two boys that her daughters had.  

So, I've shown great restraint by not showing all of the cards I've made over the last few weeks.  They are being saved for next Wednesday's post.  I hope you've enjoyed the cards tonight.

I want to again say thank you for continuing to visit me and leave me wonderful comments, even though I've not been able to do the same for you.  You are truly wonderful blogging friends, and I appreciate you all so much.  I hope you all know that.  I'll be visiting you all in the next few days.  Boy, do I have a lot of catching up to do!  Thanks again to all for staying with me!

Don't forget the Pic of the Week below.  This duck was standing on a rock in the middle of a creek and this sun beam was highlighting him like he was a messenger from the heavens!  LOL  It looks like he is posing for me.

Take care all!  Hope you are all well!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Dawn said...

Was so thrilled that your posting just popped up in my google reader, I was just thinking of you this morning.
So happy to see all your wonderful creations. You always give me such motivation.
You sound like you are less stressed and happier. I hope Jay and the boys are well.
All my best sweetie!

mudmaven said...

YAY - your pc is working again! So glad to see you back and with such gorgeous creations too! I love all of them and I know that they will put smiles on many faces when received!! Love the duck too - when I grow up I want to be able to take pix like you do! All my best to Jay and give those boys a big hug from me! ~chris

Sue from Oregon said...

Welcome back to the cyber world! The topic of conversation at work today was what would we do without our computers! I guess you know know...That duck pic is really cool...fooled me at first!

Great cards today and can't wait to see the ones you are hoarding as well. Like that fun fold card too!

Shirley-anne said...

I know that I am a relative new comer to your blog but I have missed your company in my room . Have visited from time to time so am chuffed to see your new work . Each card is beautiful in it's own way , mmm...words of a song me thinks !Love your blog , so very interesting and your work , all your work is so inspiring .

Sharli said...

Thank God! Curt is back!!!
You've made my day - that's for sure!
I love your cards - the one for your neighbor with the cast (and smileys) is just precious - and the two baby boys bouncing on the bed (say THAT three times fast!) LOL

Gosh, Curt. I'm just giddy with the joy of reading your post! :D

Great photo of the week, too.
HUGS, dear friend.

Jackie said...

Welcome back, I've missed you! Love your cards - those House Mouses (Mice?) have an image for every occasion, don't they? Adorable!

Kimberly S said...

Great to see you back on Curt! :) Love the look of that frame technique, will have to try it out some time. Ouch, sorry to hear about the neighbor's broken foot. Your sweet card is sure to cheer her up! Adorable little bunny card, beautiful coloring, and what a great story that they were in at the same time having their babies!

Wow, the duck looks like a statue out there. (those are some very orange legs he/she has) Gorgeous picture with the feathers reflecting the sun. :)

Lorraine A said...

Gorgeous cards Curt ,, the folded frame is lovely, will have to have a go at that ,, and the images you used for the HM and Hopper cards are just perfect ! So funny !! I love the smiley face on the broken leg ,, and to mask off one of the bunnies was a fab idea :-)

luv the cute duck too ,, he is a handsome guy eh !

Glad to have you back ,, we missed ya ! :-)

Lols x x x

Clare said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful cards Curt!!! i love them all & cannot wait for the next installment. I love that frame card too i will have to give that one a go. I have just done a really cute HM card on my blog, you will have to go check & let me know what you think, of course it is not as good as yours!!! Glad your PC is working, us crafters do not realise what a lifeline it is until it goes wrong. Hugs to you & the pups, Clare xxx

Sue W said...

Hi Curt! So glad to hear your 'puter is fit and well again.....seems a while since I read one of your posts! I love the folded frame technique I saw it first from Donna @ Butternutsage . Love the lemon Smilie faces that little card really pops off the screen! My fav is the New Arrival card though.....too cute!!
Hope all goes well with you and the looks of things you're enjoying some sunshine lucky things it's a bit cool here!!!

Claire Brennan said...

Fab to have you back Curt!! and keep those wee mice coming!! they are soo sweet!!!

Diane said...

Yeah, you are back!!!!Missed you!!!
Loving those cards....the folded frame one is really cool...and those House Mouse "buggers" are sweet as always have the best metallic pen for the bed frame...who would of thought of that...way too cool!!!
The duck pic is I said before, you need to publish a book of your photographs, they are all awesome!! Glad things are back to normal for you!!! Take care and will "talk to you later"...LOL!!

Percy said...

Hey Curt, Glad that you are back in blogland!

Love the cards, they are all beautiful!!! Love the one for your neighbor who broke her foot, and the one one for the 2 grandsons....lovely cards....

That picture is absolutely are a great photographer as well!!!

Thanks for sharing, glad you are back in blogland!

Myrna said...

So glad you are back.
Just absolutely love these cards. The house mouse is fabulous. Actually your whole blog is great.

Gina Wrona said...

Hi Curt!

Glad to see you back up and running. I hope all is good is your neck of the woods. I love everything you posted especially the HM jumping on the bed. That is so precious.


Janet McClure said...

So Glad things are improving for you Curt its great to see your cards you really inspire me. Lots of Love from England Jan xxxxx (E.J.Craftdesigns)
Elaine's Mum

Sue said...

Yeaaa your back, sorry im late been chasing my tail today. Gorgeous cards i was trying to do that frame card couple weeks back couldnt get the size right, last time i made one i added some ribbon under the fold.
Luv the broken foot, n the bunnies on the bed are just brill, awesome colouring as always Curt. Lovely to see you back, hugs to all, see you in two week, sue,xx

craft_princess said...

YAY! Glad your back! I love that folded frame technique...looks hard though! Also very clever idea to take one of the bunnies out for only two grandchildren....looks perfect!

Take care!

Leslie said...

Welcome back. Missed you. You are so clever in your card making tricks. And so thoughtful. Your neighbors must love you. I know your blogging buddies do!

Celeste said...

Don't ya hate when your 'puter is down? I love your cards. I have the stamp with the mouse's broken leg. It is so cute! I love the smileys. I saw the frame card on Dawn's site but haven't had a chance to try it. Glad you're back with us!

Elaine M said...

WAHOOOOOO you're back! My goodness gracious sakes you have been missed. Glad the computer is up and running again and you're able to share these wonderful cards with us. Love love love the card for the new grandmother - how cute!!!!

lisa808 said...

Hi Curt,

Glad your computer is up and running again. Your post was worth waiting for! Three more fab cards. Love those House Mouse images.

6 wacky women said...

Hi Curt
As always your cards are just fabulous. I just love your HM cards, brilliant work!!
Awesome pic of the week!!

Karen x

Anonymous said...


The Rubber Maid said...

Love the house mouse baby cards..too cute . Pat

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Stop the show....well, these cards are show stoppers. Good to see that duck held still long enough to catch the ripples from moving waters all around that solitary rock perch. Curt, your photography graced us all with a grand view of your creative cave life!
Thanks for sharing.
Keep Looking UP!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Well Curt looks like you & I have a lot of catching up to do. My computer has also been down and I just moved back into my own house, so things are pretty messed up around here. Lots of things to put back in their old place and new things to find a place to put. You know I always love your cards, I love the bunnies card and you have another fabulous picture. Going to do some blog checking & read your last ones to find out everything I missed our on.