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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hey All!  It's so nice to see you here!  Welcome back for another edition of the Wednesday Evening Post with yours truly.  LOL  I have a TON to share with you in this post, so off we go!

First thing I'd like to share with you is a card I made for my sister who is sadly going through a divorce.  After 13 years of marriage and 16 years of being together, he decided that he's not happy.  She is devastated by this and I wanted to let her know I was there for her.  Here is the card:

 click on image for larger view

I love this image and have used it on other cards, but the image says so much about caring.  The sentiment is computer generated and its placement to the side of the image is thanks to my blogging buddy Sue who has done this with some of her sentiments in her last couple of posts.  Thanks Sue!  The umbrella was stamped twice, one cut out and applied to give it dimension.  I tried something different this time with the water.  Once I colored the water, I used the colors of the bunny and the frog and lightly colored over the water where they were standing to create a reflection look.  I used Diamond Glaze to give a slick look on the puddle and rain drops.  I really like how it turned out.  Here is a picture of my sister:

Isn't she pretty?  This is the picture I took for her to send to her publisher for the back cover of her book.  She is a budding author with one book under her belt and is working on book number two.  Her first book is called Bargain Party and it is about how to have a successful, one of a kind garage sale.  You can click on the link and read more.  Anyway, can you keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she finds the strength to get through this?  I'd sure appreciate it, and I know she will too.

My next thing to show you is a card set that I made for a lady here in my neighborhood.  She is such a wonderful person, and she has the sweetest little pug named Marley.  I found this wonderful image and had to get it so that I could make this card set:

Click to enlarge

Isn't this such a cute image?  It's called "Puggles" and I found it at HERE.  You really should go visit her blog too.  Wow, she has some great stuff.  Her blog is HERE.  I hesitated getting this image because my neighbor's dog is all black, and you know how I feel about coloring black things.  But after tackling this image, I do feel more comfortable doing black images.  Here is the set and how it was packaged:

She loved them and said she was only going to use them to write notes to special people!  LOL  She is very sweet and I'm so glad to know her.  She is the one that, after hearing about Gunther's injury, brought the boys treats and me some of her delicious homemade chicken soup because she knew I was hurting too!

The last card I'd like to share (here I go giving away all my projects in one post!  LOL), is a "congrats on your new home" card.  I saved it for last for a particular reason.  Here is the card:

I have wanted to own this set for a long time, but watch my money and have to pick and choose what I can get.  This set is called "Boards and Beams" from Paper Trey Ink.  This looks like a simple card, but I had to go through a lot of stages to create it.  I colored the house and trees with my colored pencils and oms.  I cut the house out.  I stamped the trees on a separate piece of paper and sponged the sky on that strip.  I then took a piece of dp that looked kind of "grassy" and cut it.  I then pieced the sky/tree panel to the grass panel then attached the house on top of both with dimensional squares.  Finally I stamped the sentiment (from same set) on the grassy piece to finish it.  Now, here's the story:

I entered for a chance at some very generous blog candy on my very good blogging friend Chris' blog Mudmaven Designs.  Well long story short, only 3 people entered and she decided to divide it between the 3 of us which I thought was great.  Well, a few days later, I get this email from Paper Trey Ink that someone had purchased a $50.00 gift certificate for me.  I was in shock!  Then I found out it was Chris.  I just couldn't believe it.  The gift certificate came with a note from Chris that said "A little advance blog candy - now you can get the trees and some goodies to go with them!  ~chris"   She was referring to a card that she had made that I loved so much.  The stamps she used on the card were from Paper Trey Ink.  Well, I purchased both that set and the one that was used for the card above.  Thank you again Chris!  You really will never know how much your kindness meant to me!  If you click on the link to her blog (in this paragraph), you'll see the gift package that I sent to her as a thank you.  Below is the blog candy that she also sent in ADDITION to the wonderful gift certificate!

She is such a generous, sweet person.

Whewwwwww!  That's it!  Done for this post.  I hope it was worth your time.  My next post will be on Monday.  We have another House Mouse Monday Challenge coming up then.  I hope you come back for that.

GUNTHER UPDATE:  Gunther is almost back to normal!  We have been walking now up to a mile, and yesterday he was let off of his leash to run and explore.  He still can't run without limping, but he sure walks with barely noticeable limping.  Thanks for your inquiries on how he's doing!

 Again, thanks so much for spending some of your valuable time with me and my blog.  I love you guys and I thank you so much for thinking me worthy enough of your time, let alone taking the time to comment on my "stuff".  You are all the best.  And by the way, WELCOME TO ALL OF THE NEW FOLLOWERS!  I'm honored to have all of you!  Don't forget the Pic of the Week below!  Take good care!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person my dogs think I am.


Dawn said...

I just love the new pics of the boys!!!
All of your cards are spectacular for fav is the house because I am dreaming about that set also. Someday I am going to get it.
That card is just over the top. I always enjoy your coloring so much.
Please let your sister know I am keeping her in my thoughts and sending her lots of positive energy. I understand the divorce feeling and wouldn't wish it on anyone.By the way she is just stunning, I am sure just as special on the inside.
Stop by my blog and enter my blogaversary giveaway, sems you are very lucky and might have good chances on mine.LOL Chris sure sounds like a real sweetheart ...see how many people just love ya to pieces.
Hugz to you and Jay and the boys.

Leslie said...

Wow, Curt, so much in one post where do I begin?
Sorry to hear about your sister's upcoming divorce, but after 35 years of marriage and not all of them happy ones, sometimes it is better to start again.
Your cards are fantastic. You really do such quality work. I can tell you put your heart into all of your creations.
You really do have very generous friends. It is easy to love the lovable.
Love seeing the photos of your dogs. I played the video of Gunther doing the moonwalk for my 17 year old the other day. He cracked up.
We adopted a 120 pound gentle giant (Great Dane) named Tiny, short for Destiny. She has learned "back up" quite well since she gets herself into small spaces and can't turn herself around. When she sneaks up behind me while I am at my scrap desk and puts her head on my shoulder as if to say, "watcha doin'?" I almost jumpout of my chair. You know how it is when you are concentrating on your artwork. . .
Hope you have a great rest of the week.

Mandy said...

Hi Curt,
How sweet do the boys look at the top,wish Jack the dog would sit like that,he just runs off with what ever is on his head..I can see you have been creating some fantastic gifts again...I'm thinking of your sister and sending big hugs and prayers,and yes she is soo pretty and I bet she has the same kind heart that you have..I'm loving your note set that image is simply adorable bet your neightbour was well pleased I know I would be...Congrats on your candy win it looks soo yummy and you so deserve it,a great man said what you give so you shall receive and you give soo much love and kindness..Love and hugs to you all,and Jack the dog sends his usual to the boys...
Mandy xx

Jan Scholl said...

I really like your sister's hair! If mine looked that good everyday, I would probably cut it. I have pin straight hair and have tried perms and curlers and it's just yuck. SO I keep it long so at least I look like a girl. You have the same eyes!

Sue from Oregon said... much on this post today! Hey, thanks for the shout out...I know HM are hard to add sentiments too, very creative way to sneak yours in!

Sorry to read of your Sister's troubles. Divorce is never easy. Some good brotherly support will ease her burden for sure.

Oh I have drooled over that darn PTI set really is a classic and love the card you made with it! And the darn a former mama to a pug and grandma to two pugs...I am particularly fond of this great card set! Wonderful Wednesday!

Sue W said...

Hi Curt,
What an uplifting blog post!!! I keep saying over and over this 'thing' we do, make cards and blog them , is the most amazing way to meet and make new friends from all around the world! I met Dawn McVey and her DH a week ago whilst they were staying in Sydney as part of a bigger trip. Such a lovely lady, everything I thought from reading her blog. Next week I get to meet Nilla (NOw I know you now her too) again here in Sydney. How lucky are we? I'm thrilled to read of your good fortune - you reep what you sew!!!
I'm sad to read about your Sister's sorrows but am sure she will come through this a stronger person. I love each of your projects today, you've been very busy! Your prize card is beautiful and shows the care that you put into it.
Have a great week. x

Mandi said...

Hi Curt
Fabulous selection of cards. The one to your Sister is perfect...and yes I agree she is stunning! All the best to her.
How generous of your buddy chris, Im sure it gave her as much pleasure giving it to you as you will have enjoying your new set......and Im sure you are worth it :)
Smashing piccy of your buys, so glad Gunther is pretty much back to normal

Have a good week
Hugs and Best wishes
mandi xx

Diane said...

Wonderful creations as always...gee, where to start.....I feel for your sister, but tell her to hang in there, it will get better,I've been there myself, and actually thought of sending my ex's girlfriend then and wife now a card, but can't decide if it should be a Sympathy card or a Thank You CARD..."nuff" said!!
The card you made for her is darling...what a great and understanding and supportive brother you are! I bet your neighbor did love her Pug cute, and I am with her, wouldn't want to use them, but cherish them! Papertrey ink is one of my favorites,and I don't own a one yet...but I have a list going and this last release I had hoped to buy a few...someday...and the house one is really beautiful, you sure did alot of inspiring! What a wonderful friend you have in Chris...and such wonderful!! I love the pic of the week, but your blog header got a great chuckle out of me....what hams!!!

Lorraine A said...

The first thing I noticed was the fab header !! How cute are they !! they really made me smile :-)

I am sorry your sister is going through this bad time , I will be keeping her in my thoughts and I know with the love and support of those around her she will get through this and become a stronger person because of it xx

Fabulous projects :-) the cute Happy Hopper card is gorgeousss and the notelets ,, they are just sooo cute ! love them !

Love the new home card too ,,, alot of work went into it but well worth it ,, the result is stunning ! :-)

Last but not least ,, your photo of the week is lovely ,, I would love to be welcomed to your home by them ;-) It looks so bright and sunny too and the flowers are gorgeous :-)

Glad to hear Gunther is almost fully recovered :-)

Lols x x x

oohh ,,, fab candy too and what a lovely gift !! :-) xx

Joan Fricker said...

Curt, I like each of your cards. The house mouse card is just as cute as can be and I know your sister will enjoy it and appreciate your thoughtfulness. Just knowing you are there for here will mean a lot.

Congratulations on your nice gifts and your house card is so cute. That is a great stamp!

Glad to hear Gunter is almost back to normal. I love how your "babies" pose for you. Don't you wonder what they are thinking???

Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

mochamama said...

Whew is right, wowsers.......okay......your sister, oh my word, STUNNING and you know what I see in her? A fighter that is going to rise above all this mess and come out the other end even more amazing than what she is already! Your card for her is just beautous my friend! The note cards for your neighbor are way too sweet!! I am so glad to hear Gunther is doing better, makes your heart sing doesn't it! the babies look adorable in their easter/spring attire. I am so excited for all your goodies you got, you deserve them all Curt. You are one of the most giving caring people I have ever met!
hugs my friend

Our Little Inspirations said...

First of all, the boys look adorable in their Easter gear! So glad G is doing better.
I know with your support and love, your sister will come through this difficult situation just fine. It's always sad to learn of anyone divorcing.
I love those little note cards you made for your thoughtful neighbor, and as for Chris..... we should ALL have such thoughtful generous friends! The world would be so much nicer!!
Have a great week :)

Michelle said...

Hi Curt
Wow what an awesome blog and what a long post! Your photos are amazing, your dogs are gorgeous and your cards are spectacular. Such a lovely photo of your sister, I feel for her, not a nice time for her but your gorgeous card would have made her feel very special. Thanks for sharing!
Kind regards

Jane Wetzel said...

Hi Curt..sitting here with my tea this morn - just had to say your pic at the top made me smile! love it! and the "welcome" committee" is ADORABLE TOO! Since I have a pug- those notes are so special to me!! Pugs are awesome! Now..your hm card is so cute and PERFECT for your sister..sure dont know what some people are thinking sometimes..SHE is beautiful and sounds like she has ALOT going for herself..I will say a prayer for her - but it is so awesome she has a wonderful brother like you!!! take care!

Sara said...

what a fabulous post! first, i just wanted to tell you that your boys are the cutest ever and they can totally rock out that holiday head gear :)

i'm sorry to hear your sis is going through the divorce-i wish her much strength and hope that everything goes smoothly and that she finds peace when it's all done and over with-she is beautiful and that is a wonderful book-i'm going to definitely check it out!

chris was so kind to get all of those goodies to you-how exciting! your creations are amazing-as usual and i just love your coloring!!!!

have a wonderful weekend!


Danielle said...

Gorgeous cards Curt - wow - so much work, you've been busy! Sorry to hear what your sister is going through - it's never easy to have a relationship end but I wish her all the best and lots of strength in getting through this difficult time. And I love how house card - what wonderful & generous blogging friends you have - I find crafting people in general are always so generous - whether it be with their time, comments, thoughts, cards etc.! I sure am lucky to have found you as a wonderful blogging friend Curt!
Take care and have a great week - and so happy to hear Gunther just keeps on improving every day!
Hugs, Danielle

Juls~ said...

Hi Curt!

Love the photos of your boys! They are so beautiful!

Sweet of you to send your sis a card to help cheer her up. Such a difficult situation for her and your family too! Relationships can be complicated. But she is gorgeous and I know she will find happiness again. Tell her I said to make sure to take time out for herself and I hope she feels better soon.

You know I'm a total Curt House Mouse fan! Love those little babies!

Gina Wrona said...

Hi Curt,

Wow, what a Wednesday post! Love it all! Your boys are so cute how they pose for you and let you "dress them up". I'm sorry to hear about your sister, but the pic you took of her is great, especially for an established author. Congrats on the blog candy, what a treasure you won!

Glad to hear Gunther is almost back to normal. I took Zorro in for his Potassium Bromide blood level test and should get the results in about a week.


Krissy said...

Love love love the house card! I, too, have been coveting that set. My Mom has a close friend that is a real estate agent and I have been wanting to make her a set of notecards. That set is calling my name (listen very closely...."Krissy....Krissy".....)

I think the generosity of your friends is a testament to your dedication and generosity toward them.

I'll say a prayer and keep a good thought for your sister.


Sue said...

Hi Ya Curt
luv the boys piccie on your header its brill, as always your creations are gorgeous i luv the card you have made for your sister, perfect colouring on all of them, your sister is beautiful, gorgeous foto of her, thinking of her.

Well done on your win, what a generous friend, gorgeous stash, its nice to give.
So glad Gunther is almost back to tip top condition,

hugs sue.xx

6 wacky women said...

Hi Curt....I just love your header with the boys all dressed up. Such wonderful creatures they are!!
Your HM card for your sister is just awesome! I love the pic of your sister...she is such beautiful woman!! I will keep her in my thoughts.
Your card set is amazing and I love the new home card...brilliant work!!
Off to take a nap...your long post has exhausted me.....LOL!! ....just kidding.
Oh your pic of the week is so cute too, love the way they turn their heads...such personality!!

Karen x

berg4 said...

Curt-I look forward to your posts, they are so inspiring. That is a lovely card for your sister, despite the reason - she is in my thoughts. I love what you did with the puddle! Cute card set for your neighbor - so generous. Love, love the coloring on the house card - the trees are amazing. You are so talented! Glad to hear about Gunther

Jackie said...

Your sister is beautiful and obviously talented, and her soon-to-be-ex is just plain stupid. He is. He clearly doesn't deserve her and I'm sure that she will find someone who can appreciate her and they will live happily ever after. Please let her know she is in my thought. MEN!!! :-)

Your cards are beautiful and you are blessed with some awesome friends - and rightfully so.

Love the Easter Bunny Boys - adorable!

Shine on, Curt.

Kimberly S said...

Awww...your boys are adorable in both their Spring/Easter look, and in the Pic of the Week. Such sweet puppies, and I'm so happy to hear of Gunther's fabulous progress in healing. :)

Lovely card you made for your sister! She's a beautiful woman, and I hope she remembers that it isn't her who has the issues. I'll most definitely keep her in my thoughts. :)

Oh my goodness, the pug set is adorable! I can just imagine your neighbor's reaction to them. lol

The 'New Home' card is so perfect!Wow, what a thoughtful, and totally wonderful gift from your friend (and the blog candy as well!)! I love PTI stamps, and their paper is fabulous. That is such an awesome stamp set and it was the first set I bought from them too. They are a class act all around. :)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Celeste said...

I'm sending a big hug out to your sister. Tell her it does get better and she might even find that she is better off (I did although I wouldn't have believed it if someone told me that.) And you are right, she is very pretty. I love the card you made for her. The note cards for your neighbor are sweet. How lucky of you to win and get the stamps you wanted! You are truly lucky and very talented. I've got to do the oms/pencil thing....not enough hours in a day. Thanks for sharing Curt!

Deb Neerman said...

Love, love, love the cards, Curt! So adorable and all so beautifully colored and designed.

And WoW! how about the wonderful generosity of Chris?!?

So sorry to hear about your beautiful sister's divorce. Never easy and especially hard when it's unexpected. She'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

And finally, sooooo glad to hear that Gunther is practically brand-new again! That news makes my day, Kiddo!

Hugs to all and stay well!

Sharli said...

Hi Curt! I love the card you made for your Sis, your trick with the reflection in the puddle really works great! I'll have to remember that one!

I'm sorry for her difficulties, but your card is sure to lift her spirits. It helps to know people care.

Your pug note cards and precious - and the card with the PTI stamps; well, that's a great card but an even better story! Wow. How wonderful!


Sharli said...

I almost forgot the pic of the week - oh my, the boys are handsome in this one!!!

Sally Cicada's Designs said...

Hi Curt,

So sorry to here about your sister--I will pray for her to have peace, strength and wisdom as she navigates in the days ahead.

Love your projects this week!! The colouring you do is really great! Your HM card is very charming and the picture itself speaks volumes. Love the pug too--and a gift set--wow! Your new home card, although labour intensive, turned out perfect--I love the shading around the base of the house! It looks like it would be a fun stamp set to play with!!
Love you pic of the week--your pooches are darling!!
Sarah :)

Rita said...

Your sister is going to luv & appreciate your beautiful thoughtful card to help her through a tuff time in her life. She is so beautiful, my thought & prayers are with her.

That pug is so adorable & you did a fantastic job coloring it.

Wow I luv what you did with Boards & Beams card, it's so pretty! The trees add that warm country feeling. I'm going to case your card, (if you don't mind) as I have that set & need to make my son & daughter-in-law a card for their new house. They close at the end of April & the house looks so much like the one they bought.

Well done on all your creations Curt, I luv them! Hugs Rita

lisa808 said...

Curt, I'm so sorry your sister is going through such a sad time now. I'm certain your thoughtful card will be a nice pick-me-up. Yes, she is so pretty. I wish her success on her new book and hope she turns this difficult time into a new and better chapter of her life.

Congrats on your blog candy win. That sure is a generous package. Plus, the thoughtfulness of your friend to also inclue a gift certificate so you could purchase something you have been wanting is extra sweet of her. Happy crafting with your new goodies.

p.s. The boys looks so cute in their Easter garb.

Macpurp said...

beautiful cards as always, i love the layering on your sisters card, i wish her all the best, it is not easy to start again. the sentiment is perfect. you have taken a beautiful picture, your sister looks lovely!
the pug card is fab! i would love know how you did that! i have a beautiful Labrador stamp but make a mess of it each time i try to make it a black lab!
Gunther & Shotsy look as handsome as ever!!! what a welcome!

love to you & Jay.

Tina & Poppy xx

Chris said...

That is a fabulous prize. We are all so lucky to have found this community of stmapers on-line, they are generous to a fault.
I am sorry for your sister's situation but your pic of her has a really positive vibe, she looks like a winner and if her writing talents are anything comparable to your talents then she's going to go far.

Carmen O. said...

Curt, Curt, Curt! The pic of the boys is darling. You're so lucky to be able to have pets, I'm sure a little of my stress would go away if I was able to have a pet. :D I love, love, love your cards and I'm sure your sister will truly appreciate the card you made her. She is so BEAUTIFUL! I will definitely keep her in my thoughts and prayers. I love how you colored the black pug. I'm intimidated by coloring black items too. I saw a coloring tut and she used blue in spots to give the black dimension. I've tried it a couple of times recently. You really are one lucky guy you seem to have a lot of caring and wonderful people in your life! I'm so glad you do long blog posts because I enjoy seeing all your wonderful creations!!! Take care and have a wonderful weekend. :D

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

WOW Curt ... I saw your card set using the Wink Wink Ink Pug image over on SCS and just had to pop over to your blog to see what I might be missing!! Your creations are awesome and so much fun!! I'll be sure to let Melanie (*Wink*Wink Ink owner) see's this wonderful creation! Happy Weekend!!

Dawn B. said...

OH my gosh you have been busy.. I love sweet card for your sis.. that is so sad for her.. Your dog cards are wonderful. What a great set. Lastly how awesome that you got such great blog candy.. You are so deserving.. Congrats...Have a great weekend.

Lisa said...

OH I just think your dogs are adorable!
Your card is wonderful as usual Curt! I love looking at your work!

Leigh said...

Wow Curt, your cards are fabulous. The house and trees look fantastic, yep, lots of work went into that one. Lots of blog goodies in your pic. Hope your sister is coping and the card you made for her is lovely. Great shadowing of the frog and bunny. Love the set of cards you made for your neighbour. Very thoughtful.
Yep, the welcoming committee, I had a smile at that. Good to hear Gunther is nearly mended.

Shirley-anne said...

thank you for your blog , it is sooo interesting . I feel like a neighbour. TFS. I have a surprise for you on my blog

craft_princess said...

So sorry to hear about your sisters divorce...I will be thinking about her! I love the house mouse card...I just picked up that stamp this week!!!
Your other cards are fantastic too..and congrats on your blog candy win! WOW! Alot of loot to play with!
Very happy to hear about Gunther...sounds like he is almost fully recovered! :)
That is all for now!

mycardz said...

Wow! I'm so sorry to hear that your sister is going through a divorce, I'm sure your TOTALLY awesome card will definitely cheer her up! What a great idea is that for a book! Wow, I guess creativity runs in the family. And, what a cool neighbor you are! That's sooooooo nice of you! And talk about karma, awesome blog candy for you - but, you totally deserve it. I'm so happy for you. And, I'm also happy to hear Gunther is doing better! That's really awesome news. And, I think I'm done going on and on! :)

Lelia said...

First off, your sister is beautiful and I hope she gets through the divorce okay. Big Hugs for her!

Secondly, what an awesome surprise from your friend Chris! That was so awesome and it made my heart happy to read all about it!

Last, but certainly not least, your cards are amazing!!! You are super talented, Curt!


P.S. Loved Gunther's moonwalking!

Helen F. said...

Love your cards (all of them!) I'm sure your beautiful sister truly appreciated the thoughtful card you made her~such a great image. She will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers.
I love how you colored the black pug note cards and don't think you have any "coloring black issues" at all-lol Congrats on winning BIG (love that set too). Your New Home card is a work of art. You have a lot of wonderful friends, it's so nice to see how appreciative you are for them in your wonderful long blog posts...I enjoy seeing all your creations and reading your posts~~wish I could schedule more regular visits,though :o) How do people manage blog hopping every day? I must need a 'refresher course' in managing my time!
PS: The hot air balloon photo is fantastic