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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hey All! I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful, supportive comments regarding Jay's emergency illness. He is back home as of last night and is recuperating. I was also very touched that I received over 20 personal emails asking for my address so that you could send a card to Jay. Instead of answering them individually, I decided to just post my address here. So, if you would still like to send Jay a card the address is:

Jay Rosello
12650 Cerromar Ct.
Carmel, IN 46033

I'm sure it would lift his spirits and you all were very sweet to ask. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don't want to bore you with all the details of what happened, so I will put a blurb at the bottom of the post for those of you who would like to know what happened with Jay. There was also a very weird thing that happened during the emergency that I will tell you about. So, if you want to know what happened, you can read it at the bottom. If not, you can just read the post of the cards. So, on to the cards. . .

This post has LOTS of pictures. This first card is one I did for our doctor who's wife just gave birth to their first baby:

When I saw this image for the first time, I knew it would be perfect for a baby boy card. It is a Happy Hopper image from House Mouse. Again, I colored it with cheap colored pencils and OMS. I used cotton batting on the tail, and a silver metallic pen for the metal part of the clip board. The sentiment is computer generated.

We have been getting a lot of afternoon storms lately, and with Jay's illness coupled with the rainy afternoons, this card was born:

The stamp is from The Paper Company. I double stamped the image and cut out the top part of the umbrella after stamping it on patterned paper. I mounted them on top of a white piece of card stock that I ran through the Cuttlebug with the Swiss Dots embossing folder. I added brads to the top of the umbrellas and added glitter to every one of those little dots. This is one of those "long" cards, but I don't remember the measurements. Of course, it doesn't show in the photo. I plan on using this for a get well card with a sentiment inside saying "Heard you were under the weather".

I'm most excited to show you the note card set that I made for a friend of mine. This set includes a note card holder that I found cruising around the net. You can find the tutorial for it here.

The stamp set I used for this is the new set from Flourishes called
DIY Topiary. I LOVE this set, and I can guarantee you that you will see more cards made with this set. The image on the front of this holder was colored with colored pencils and OMS. It was stamped on white card stock, but as I tried to use Tim Holtz's distress ink on the edges, I didn't like how uneven it looked, so I just daubed it all over and this is what I got. I kinda like it. . .a lot!

Here it is as it is being opened:

And here it is all the way opened:

Here is a pic of the whole set including one of the coordinating envelopes:

Below is the individual picture of each card in the set:

This one I used Flower Soft on. I LOVE this product. It really gives a great feel and 3-D effect to flowers or in this case topiaries!

What I especially love about this particular stamp set is that you can mix the different topiary plants with different pots. There are so many possibilities with this set.

Well, there ya have it. Don't forget the "Pic of the Week"! It is kind of creepy. Below is the "Jay Update":

It turns out that Jay was severely dehydrated due to a diuretic he was prescribed. This caused his kidneys to slow down and toxins were not being removed. This is why he was so disoriented and talking and doing crazy things which made me believe that he had had a stroke. He was in the hospital from Thursday morning until Monday night. He is doing much better, but still weak from the ordeal.

Here is the weird part of the story. On the morning it happened, he called out for me. I was sleeping, but Shotsy heard him and barked to wake me up. When I looked at the clock it said 9:11. As you know, I ended up calling 911 shortly after that. Weird huh?

Again, thanks so much to all of you for your thoughts, prayers, concerns, and emails. They were very comforting to me and I so appreciated your thoughtfulness. You are all WONDERFUL, and I am so lucky to "know" you.

Hope you are all well! I'll be seeing you on your blogs!

Curt O'Brien

"God help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Sharon Caudle said...

So glad to hear that Jay is home and doing better, Curt! Thanks so much for the update!

Your cards are all gorgeous as usual! I haven't tried the flower soft yet. One of these days I'm going to have to order some. I just get overwhelmed when I look at all the different colors, not knowing which I should try. *sigh* Anyway, fabulous cards and beautiful coloring! Love them all! Take care of yourself! So glad to see you back!

Rita said...

I love all your gorgeous cards Curt! Your new updated blog look is super duper too...luv that plaid & the new pics of the boys are wonderful!

I'm so glad that Jay is doing much better & on the road to recovering!
Glad to have you back kiddo, I missed you!

Patti J. said...

Curt, I am so happy to hear that Jay is doing better. You must have been so scared! Strokes are such terrible things. I will continue to pray for his recovery to be complete and quick! So glad to see you posting again too! I love your upbeat posts, and all of your photo's. Although, the pic sorta made my hair stand on end! Ewww....!!! I guess, if you are a snake lover, it is a beautiful photo! Living on 10 acres in the middle of snake territory, I say ugh!!! Take card - 'cya' soon!

America said...

great news that Jay is recovering and its not anything serious, whew! You poor thing must have been sooo scared too!
Love the new Doggy pic! So handsome! Not lovin' that snake pic, but its a great shot!! Were you that close? eeww!
Your card set is fantastic. Gonna have to look at the tutorial. TFS Happy you are back. I miss you when y0u are gone for sooo long! Take care myfriend!

Sue said...

Hi Curt
so pleased Jay is feeling better and on the mend. Gorgeous card set you have done, luv the images. Great image on the baby card, luv it. Nice to have you back,sue,x

Susan (rainy) said...

GREAT news about Jay. So glad he is back at home. And a shout out for Shotsy waking you up. He knew exactly what to do. Aren't animals wonderful!

Your cards are always so fantastic, too. Love the bouncing baby boy! And the topiary set is beautiful. And of course I love the rainy umbrella card! lol

Good to see you blogging again, Curt!

Danielle said...

Oh, so nice to have you back in blogland Curt! Your cards are absolutely gorgeous - really love that topiary set you put together! So very happy to hear Jay is on the mend and doing much better! Your angels were definitely looking out for you with that 'clock' message - love it when things like that happen!
Hugs, Danielle

Diane said...

Wow, you have been busy!!! I love all your cards, the card set is beautiful! The umbrella card is so neat, you are so creative!!
I am glad Jay is doing okay and things have calmed down at your home for you!
The snake picture, yikes, I have HUGE flower gardens, live in a log home on a creek and those darn things live in my garden, but they do get the bugs, but I kind of don't like working with snakes along side of me!
Anywho, all your projects are wonderful, the pics of the boys are neat, and I hope we "see" you more often!!

Etha said...

so glad to hear that Jay is getting better :)
Your topiary cards are amazing!! just love each one of them.

lisa808 said...

Curt, how wonderful to hear that Jay is well and back home. What a frightening experience.

I am glad you found the time to be creative and post. I love seeing your cards and projects. I'm sure it was good therapy for you too during this past week.

btw, I also like your new background.

Joani said...

Curt your cards are always amazing! I look forward to your posts all the time!

I'm also very glad that Jay is going better. How scary for you both. Obviiously you have "someone" looking out for you both!!


Anonymous said...

it is so scary when something happens to the love of your life. so happy he is doing better. take care of both of you and of course, the dogs. love to you both...MaryAnn

Anonymous said...


Ila said...

Your work is Totally Fabulous Curt!! I love all the cards you've made...but that card holder really shines for me...Thanks for the link!!..I've yet to find flower soft around here....but I'm sure lookin' for it now!!
I'm so glad Jay is okay is well and doing okay now!...what an experiance...a good to know as well...TFS!!
Great photo of that snake...hope you had a good have to tell ya' that photo of your fur kids at the just Amazing..with the sun shining on them like that...they look like a Zillion bucks!!...note I didn't say a million....that would be way too cheap!!...Have a Great Week!!

Juls~ said...

Curt! Hey Dude, wassup?!?!? ;)

Hey, I love the card with the pocket pouch. It made me think that would be cool to make and also to send photographs of family, friends, kids in the little pouch! My mom has asked me for pictures of the kids and I really need to do that. Getting photos developed seems like such a pain now, because all my pics are on the computer!

I am so happy that Jay is back home and feeling better. I am sure that you are both exhausted.

All your cards are *dahling*, love them all!

{xoxo} Juls~

Juls~ said...

P.S. Aren't dogs amazing! That reminds me of when Poco, our female maltese fell into the pool in Winter, and Chief, male maltese, let me know by barking at me when I went to the door to check on them. He ran down the steps barking and looked over the side of the pool. My little Poco was swimming very slowly in the corner freezing her tail off! Thank God he let me know!!! I brought her into the house and gave her a warm bath.

And when I was little, my mom was painting when our mixed Heinz 57 started barking at her to let her know that one of her puppies had climbed out onto the stair ledge of the basement, very high above the steps.

Yes, dogs are very smart.

{xoxoxoxoxoxoxo} Juls~

The Rubber Maid said...

Hey good buddy, first of all I love your new design on the blog,
2nd. glad your Jay is home from the hospital and last but not the least...great cards! Pat

mudmaven said...

I'm so glad to hear that Jay is doing better. I know that you were stressing out - now you can both relax and recuperate! Love, love, love ALL the cards. You do such wonderful work. ~chris

DeeDee said...

Hey there my sweet friend! I'm so glad Jay is doing better now! You know I love your cards and works of art, but I have to say Eeeeew to that ole snake down there....creepy and YUCK! LOL! THANKS for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet words! You're wonderful! HUGS!

Becky said...

I love all these cards, they are gorgeous.. I am glad Jay is doing better, and what wonderful dogs to know something was wrong. Take care.

Jodi said...

My dear sweet Curt!! I have missed you buddy!=) I know why now.. but I must say that I am so very happy that Jay is at home recouperating from his ordeal. Believe it or not, these things happen quite often to people. I will be sure to send a card to Jay. Please tell him that I am thinking of him and will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.
Thank you for your sweet comments!! =)
Big Hugs!!
Jodi =)

Sue from Oregon said...

I am so glad to hear Jay is close to giving you a run for your money again. I know you are relieved to find out what really was going on with him! Keep us posted!

I have seen this set, and boy have you "done it proud" Lovely card sets!...all of them lovely!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an update on Jay and I am glad he is home and feeling better. Wow, your creative juices have sure been working overtime. Love everything especially that notecard set! WOW

Judy said...

I am so happy to hear that Jay is home and doing so much better.

As always, your cards are just fabulous.

Lauri said... so glad Jay is better!!!!

Second...okay...very weird....very very weird coincidences there, Curt!

and third...the topiary set is absolutely gorgeous!! Each card is beautiful, and i love the sponged background!! I have used Dannie's design for that set many times and it is a great one but your cards in this set are out of this world! I agree, a great stamp set and you did a beautiful job!!!

Terri said...

I love all your cards---you do such beautiful work! Glad to hear Jay is doing better...your dogs are too adorable!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Terri

Jamie Martin said...

Wow, all of your cards are wonderful and each one is more amazing!
Glad to hear Jay is doing better :)

Lorraine said...

Great news about Jay how wonderful he is feeling much better.
Wow you have been busy your cards are awsome. Thank you for the nice comments on my blog much appreciated coming from you.

Michelle Ueligitone said...

Oh Curt, I had no idea that you were going through so much. I am so glad that Jay is back home with you and feeling better. You two are in my thoughts and prayers.

I have been a bit MIA too, so haven't been making the blog rounds like I usually do. Sorry for that. Your cards are wonderful, and I can tell that you have been very busy. For me, the card making is my stress reliever, so I can understand. Take care and keep us updated.


Glee said...

My Sweet, Sweet Curt,

When I read what happened to Jay, I just broke down. I also told Dwain and tears came to his eyes, too. Oh, how scared you must have been. Thank God for Shotsy! Give our love to Jay! {{{HUGS}}} to both of you!

Your cards are always so beautiful, Curt. You are truly and artisan.

Your snapshot made me go "EEK!!!!"

Sharli said...

Wonderful cards, Curt! I've missed you! I'm so glad Jay is home and recoving - that's great news - perked up my WHOLE day!

Shirley said...

You are the person your dogs think you are!!! Thanks for Jay's name and address too. Duh Me! I wasn't one who asked for the address and you saved me! I love these cards. I have to tell you I wasn't crazy about that set until I saw your cards. I love love them all!

Suzy said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog as it gave me a chance to discover your wonderful art work and photography. You are so talented - your coloring is perfect and beautiful with the pencils, and the cotton on the bunny tail seals the deal for me :) The topiary set is a stunner too.

Nina said...

Hi Curt! So glad to see you lurking at my blog again! :O) I have been super duper busy and seems like that is not going away soon with the kids home for summer and gettig one ready for college! Love the look of your new blog... is feel soo cozy and warm... and LOVE your doggie pic at top.. they are truly handsome guys! Now your cards are just BEAUTIFUL and I love that set of stamps they are awesome and I am sure you will find them very versital. I especially love the note card holder and will have to check it out... and guess what? I actually bought a can of spam!! LOL..can yu believe it? now I either have to have a brave volunteer to eat it here or invite my dear dad over for a spam sandwich!!! Then I can utilize the can!!

Not sure who will be the lucky recipent of your posted note cards, but I do know they will be one lucky recipent!! keep up the great work and I hope Jay is feeling better now!! Life is no fun when things like that happen. Your pic of the day is GREAT and I LOVE it, soo interesting, unique and captivating all at the same time!! You rock on those pics... now I hope you had a telescopic lens for that!! (((hehehe))), yes I am sure you did! I think he is quite handsome too, well for a snake ya know!! Catch ya later... :O)

Erin said...

I'm glad Jay is doing better. I also just love the pic of the boys. How cute is that head tilt..... I also love the plaid blog. My family teases me about how I always wear striped or plaid blue shirts all the time so your blog background makes me smile... I also love your new cards...\

Take Care,

6 wacky women said...

First of all, your pic of the boys is awesome. They are so gorgeous!!
Your cards are all fabulous. You truly are the master of the HM images!! Love the note card set, beautiful images, great holder.
I am so glad Jay is on the road to recovery. Give him my best.
Fab pic of the week...though I'm not to fussy on snakes, they give me the "willies"!

Have a great day...
Karen x

dpkennedy said...

First-so glad to hear that Jay is on the mend! Luckily the culprit was found and corrected and it didn't get any more serious!

Now, your cards are just fabulous! I love the hopper card...oh the Dr and his wife are gonna flip over this! Your pack of notecards is fantastic! I gave cards as gifts for Christmas and they were the most favorite things the recipients these are going to be well received!! I really like the umbrella card too...I can see it's a long one and I love that style!

Great snake photo! Glad you are back! Have a great weekend!

Jenny Gropp said...

Hi Curt, I just love your cards. So glad I found your blog, the topiary note set is fab! It's been tempting me and calling my name! I love your other cards -- you say you are using cheap colored pencils-- but your coloring is wonderful. Love the cotton tails too on the bunny!!! Great cards and photos -- I'll be back!!
Glad Jay is doing better, what a scare you had.

Patti J. said...

Hi Curt,

It's Saturday, and you haven't posted in a few days. Hope all is well with Jay. Thoughts are with you both.

Have a great day!

Carolyn Bounds said...


Hi, Sweetie!!!! I am so happy to hear that Jay is doing better!!! I can only imagine how terrifying this ordeal was for the both of you! Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you so very much for the update. Here's to a complete and speedy recovery.

I love ALL of your wonderful creations...nothing new there:o) Your work is always amazing!!! You know the Happy Hoppers stole my heart!!! I love the way you bring these adorable stamps to life with your magical coloring!!!

Take care of yourself my dear!!

Carmen O. said...

Hi Curt,
I'm so happy to hear that Jay is doing much better and that he is on his way to complete recovery.

I love love love your creations! The baby boy card is so cute. I love the notecard holder and the cards. I've made a couple myself and am happy to see your inspiration! That might be a good idea for my dad for Father's day as he writes to his sisters from time to time. Your umbrella card is perfect for someone under the weather, their day surely will be brightened receiving that beautiful creation. Hope your week is going well!

Dawn said...

Hi there
Oh dear I haven't stopped by in far too long and sorry to hear about Jay - hope he gets lots better soon.
I love your recent cards those topiary notelets are just fabulous that is a great stamp set, will have to check it out!


Janine said...

Hey Curt!! Glad that Jay is on the road to recovery... Great work in this post!! You have been BUSY!!!

Scossie Jane said...

G'day pleased to hear that Jay is home and well on the mend.....

Your cards are gorgeous as ever....

Love the TARTAN wallpaper - excellent choice my friend....

Thanks for dropping by my blog and your beautiful comments on my three grandaughters - how lucky am I !!!!

I certainly won't be running out of scrapping inspiration in a hurry.....

Take care...Hugs to you both (((x)))

Scossie Jane

Gina Wrona said...

OMG Curt,

Please send my "hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggsssssssssssss" to Jay.

ALL your cards are just fabulous!

But, the pic of the week, how did you ever get such a close picture of a snake, which by the way I'm terrified of, you must not be afraid to take such an awesome pic.

Take care!


Dawn (flowergal36) said...

These are all fabulous. I just got the Topiary set. I love the HM card. I am sending warm healing, sunfilled thoughts to you and Jay. take care.

Latisha said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I absolutely love what you did with the DIY Topiary set!!! Your dogs are too adorable. So sorry to hear about your partner Jay, one of my best friends has MS, and I have Crohn's disease (an auto immune disease that attacks my digestive system) so I know the day to day struggles you both have to face sometimes. I'm glad you have your card making for a creative outlet.

Anonymous said...