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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hey all! Hope you are having a great weekend! It is simply gorgeous here and my Mom and I took "the boys" out to the park for a romp. That is where the strange story comes in, so be sure to read it (and see the pics) at the end of the post.

I have two cards to share with you today. Both have a butterfly theme in honor of the beginning of Spring. Here is my first:

I so love this butterfly stamp. I also love the sentiment I put on this card (click on pic for a better read). The butterfly is from a newly purchased set from Inkadinkado. The set includes several bugs, and one I can't wait to use is a dragonfly. I stamped these with Archival Jet Black ink and then colored them with Bic markers (I didn't have bright pastels in my Copics set). I have no idea who made the paper, but I thought it was perfect for this card. I cut each butterfly out and mounted them on the card with foam squares. The sentiment (computer generated) was printed on white cs and then cut out using Nestie circles. I cut the circle in half and added the scallops to give in a "flower" feel. Below is a side view showing how the butterflies really stick out:

My next card uses the same sentiment, but a totally different card:

I love how this one turned out too. Same butterfly, just no color. On this one, I stamped the butterfly twice. On the first one, I colored it in solid black with a Bic marker. The second one I left alone and mounted it on top of the black one so that it gives a black shadow effect. This card has a lot of dramatic matting, and I also added bling, brads, and ribbon.

I just ordered (and received today) another set of butterfly stamps from Joan Fricker at Joan's Gardens, so you are bound to see more butterfly cards in the near future. I have to tell you that she is a pure joy to work with, and her service is beyond compare! Thanks Joan for such a quick fill of my order. You are the best!

NOW FOR THE STRANGE STORY (complete with pictures! LOL)
As I said in the beginning of the post, my Mom and I went to a local park to walk the boys today. We got to this really neat overlook place and I told her to stand up there while I went down below it to take a picture of her and her dog Chunk.

So, here is the first picture to give you that perspective:

So, for the next picture, I stayed in the same spot, and used my zoom to get a closer shot. When I got home, I uploaded the pictures and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Here is the picture (be sure to click on it and look right below her elbow):

Is that amazing?!?! Someone had obviously carved that there, but neither of us were even aware that it was there until I came home and uploaded the picture. Obviously she is my Mom and she is "Chunk's Mom" too! LOL By the way, she is going to be 72 in October. Doesn't she look fabulous at 71???!!!??? When I called and told her about it, first thing she said was "I'm glad it didn't say "dumbsh*t". LOL

Well, that's it for this post. I always tell myself before I start a post to not make it long because you will bore these poor people, but they always end up this way. I'm sorry this one is so long too.

Anyway, have a wonderful rest of the weekend, and I will be seeing you on your blogs! Thanks so much for coming to see me and for all the wonderful things you say. I love ya all!



"God help me be the person my dogs think I am."


Data Babble said...

Love the pictures!

Danielle said...

Fantastic butterfly cards Curt! I love them both. And your story is very cool - I love it when that kind of stuff happens! And tell your mom she looks fabulous for her age - she obviously has plenty of stuff going on to keep her young!
Hugs, Danielle x

Jennifer said...

Curt, your butterfly cards are gorgeous! As always, your details, embellishment and coloring are fabulous. And then you mom.....she's beautiful and what a great sense of humor! LOL That is such a cool story.

mudmaven said...

Curt these cards are fantastic. The first one feels so spring/summer and the second one is just so elegant! I loved the pix and the story - your posts are definitely not too long! I tagged you on my blog yesterday - go check it out and play along if you feel like it. ~chris

Lauri said...

Curt your mom is beautiful! I can only hope to look that good at 72! (actually, wish I looked that good now! haha!) What an interesting story, too...very interesting that something like that would happen...and maybe not by accident (you never know!) I love the sentiment in your cards, too! Making the butterflies 3D like that is so cool! Thanks for your comments for my dog too...he is very appreciative! and I love all the comments you always leave me! Have a great weekend!

Judy said...

I love butterflies -- your cards are wonderful.

Your mom looks fabulous and the picture is incredible.

DeeDee said...

Hello there my friend! I'm luvin' the butterflies! That B & W card is WOWZERS! So cool about the "MOM" story...whooda thunk it! HUGS!

JULS~ said...

O. M. G. ! ! !

That is so serendipidish! *MOM* And so cool ... I laughed out loud reading what your Mom said! Too funny! She looks lovely, fun and what a great sense of humor!

You said you used card foam squares and I can't even see them! I think they are both so pretty. Love the colorful one and the graphic looking B&W with the cute butterfly ribbon! Since you are getting new butterflies in, what about this??? "You Give Me Butterflies ..."

Okay, tomorrow I HAVE to make something!

{xoxo} Juls~

Rita said...

First of all I luv your new blog look, so cute!

Your butterfly cards are both beautiful & reminds me so much of spring!

Your mom looks FANTASTIC for her age! What a great story, it was meant to be. I luv how you didn't find out till you uploaded your can be such fun & so coincidental don't ya think?

WhimsicalThoughts said...

Love the pics and the Mom story! that's awesome! Love the cards ....

Sue from Oregon said...

Great layout on these cards! and your Mom is just too cute...this picture was meant to be!

Susan (rainy) said...

Your mom sounds like she has a wonderful sense of humor!! LOL!!

Love your butterfly cards, Curt.

Scossie Jane said...

Hi Curt, First up, what have you done to your poor boys??

I clicked on your site, from my favourites, and nearly choked on my Coke when I saw them grinning up at me with those petal head bands on.

You're crazy, and what accommodating dogs you have!!! Sure made me laugh x

Now to your butterflies..WOW. They are fantastic, love both styles.

Your MOM sounds wonderful, treasure her, once gone never to be replaced, I know........

The MOM carving is too weird...

Love ya
Jane xx

Joan Fricker said...

Curt, oh my goodness what beautiful cards you have made with the new butterfly stamp set. I love both of them. You are so creative.

Now about those cut dogs, don't you just wonder what they are thinking you have done to them?They sure are good boys to let you dress them up like that. How cute!

What a delightful picture of your Mom and her dog. And what a nice surprise to see the word Mom engraved below her on the banister. Great story!

Thanks for the plug about Joan's Gardens too! I truly appreciate it!!!!


Diane said...

Fantastic cards as always! I love both of them, but the shadow under the black one is stunning and a great idea! I laughed at your Mom's response to the carving! You are lucky to have abd that she is in such good health....I am lucky too, my Mom is 82 this May pretty much my best friend!

Macpurp said...

love the cards!
beautiful pictures too! not sure how much the boys are loving their flower crowns but they look beautiful!!
love Tina x

Bonnie Weiss said...

Beautiful cards, as usual Curt (still wondering about the DT from a few weeks ago - boy, they sure missed the boat!). You have such a flair for colour, presentation and simplicity.

Your Mom is very attractive (for any age!) and I love that she has a sense of humour (probably one of the things that keeps her so young). And the "MOM" engraved into the wood was just plain freaky...great shot and story.

Angie said...

Curt, your posts aren't too long! You don't bore me, anyway. Those are beautifuk cards as usual. And I too am glad the carving didn't say something rude!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

I LOVE your story, I am so enthralled with thngs like that, and always say "God's humor is so much better than ours" and look how patient He is, before giving the punch line! Enjoy your day!

lisa808 said...

Your butterfly cards are gorgeous!

Your mother sure does look great. And, she's a hoot. I loved her comment.

Juliann said...

HI Curt!
I am around, just slacking so much! My poor neglected blog! I will return soon!

That picture of your Mom is great I couldn't believe that carving there! She does look FABULOUS! Her little dog is a doll too, looks a bit like a mini-me next to your boys huh?lol

Love your butterfly cards! Butterflies are always my favs! I especially like the little bling that you put on them. I love to do spring cards, so many more winged creatures!

I can't believe the boys sit for the pictures you dress them up for! I should try that with one of my cats! So cute!
Great "high perch" picture as well. You really do get some great shots!

btw I NEVER think your posts are too long!
Enjoy the day today, I think you probably are going to get as much rain in the next week as we are, we are not that far apart, forecast said ALL week! ugh! At least we will get great flowers soon!

twinkletoe said...

Curt, we love reading your posts. Why do you think we missed you for a couple of weeks!!
Your butterfly cards are just lovely.

Today (Sun) is Mothers Day in England and I was just talking to my mom so it was lovely to see your mom and read about your walk in the park.

Becky said...

Curt love reading your post, you do not take us around the world to get us across the street and we still dont know where we are. :) :). I love both the butterfly cards, the first one is gorgeous with all the bright colors, and the second one in black and white is fabulous. What a coincidence that your mom would be over a carving of mom. Yes she look's great for 70's. You and the baby's have a great week.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your pictures,cards and blog. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. Your Mom is one beautiful lady. I can't wait to see more Bflys.
Nancy K in WI

Maria said...

Both your butterfly cards are beautiful, Curt. Wow, love the 3D look to both your cards and such pretty colors to the first one. Love the monochromatic color to your second card. . .it has such a very pretty elegant look to it.

I'm an amateur photographer too. I love taking photos of . . .anything. I take my camera all over with me.

Wow, what an awesome picture of your mom. . both the perspective shot and the close up one. That carved "mom" is such an awesome shot. . .wow, perfect. It was meant to be. Your mom is beautiful as well as your dog!! That image will make for a beautiful scrabbook layout!!


Shirley said...

What beautiful cards! Love the first one for its 3 different colors and the last one for its black and white sophistocation.

How wonderful your mom is such a great person! Love her attitude and thanks for sharing the rare and telling find!

Sara said...

First off, beautiful cards. I love butterflies.

AND for your mom...she is rockin' for her age- goooooo MOM! That's so neat how it said mom right below her elbow! Thanks for sharing your great story and have a great week!


Jane Wetzel said...

What an awesome story!! Glad your mom has a good sense of humor!! Thats why she looks so cute! Love the cards..they are so pretty! tfs!

jami {sgtStamper} said...

Hey Curt!! Love your butterfly cards - especially the black and white one. So dramatic and classy!! Your mom is beautiful! I hope I look that fabulous at 71! And what a great sense of humor - I laughed out loud!!

mochamama said...

The cards are awesome Curt, love those butterflies!! The pics of your mom????? well first, she doesn't look a day over 60, wowsers and what a wonderful surprise to find on her picture, that is way cool!

Nancy said...

Your mom is beautiful! Her remark cracked me up, what a hoot!

Your butterfly cards are gorgeous! Love the flower effect of the scallop and your colorful butterflies. The b/w card is so striking and gorgeous! Great job!

6 wacky women said...

Wow, Curt...both cards are fabulous!!
I just love how you used half the scallop and set the butterflies around it. Wonderful layout.
Your b/w card is just stunning. I love it!!

Great pics, your Mom is beautiful, can't beleive she is!!

Have a great day.
Karen x

dpkennedy said...

Your mom is gorgeous and with a sense of humor to boot! You're a lucky guy! I love the flower head gear on the boys too!

Your butterfly cards are really gorgeous! Great job on the dimension and design of each!

Percy said...

Love the cards, and the pictures too....That was soooo cool.....sometimes it is the little things that make us wonder....
Your mom really looks wonderful, she is a beautiful woman!

ansa said...

Those are really cute ...I love how you popped them out and the little gems you added.
Your mom is funny..and she looks FAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope I look that good when im 71.

Gina Wrona said...

Oh Curt,
How precious is that? I wish I had more encouraging words, but for whatever reason, this year on the anniversary of my father's death I'm crying at the slightest drop of a hat even though it happened 21 years ago just 5 days after my 22nd birthday. He was only 41 4 months & 7 days when he left this world to go home to our Heavenly Father.

Michelle Ueligitone said...

Are you sure you didn't climb over the railing and hang there while you carved "mom" into the wood? No just kidding, that was too funny. That would be a great pic for her mother's day card :0)!

Love those butterflies and how they pop off the card. I especially like the black and white one, very elegant.


Mandi said...

WOW thats amazing. As are your cards Curt, Im now following you...look out LOL
Hugs mandi xx

Janine said...

What a great story Curt!! Love the...flies too!!!

Tonniece said...

Hi Curt Happy Wednesday

Your cards are stunning, and I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the stamp set.

I got goose bumps reading you story. Loved it

Carmen O. said...

Wow what fabulous cards! I like them both, but for some reason I'd pick the black and white one as my fave.

What a cool story/photo of your mom. Definitely one to scrap. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Denise said...

Curt, I love those butterfly cards, as always you do such a great job!! Love your photography too, it is amazing.....

Lorraine said...

Gorgeous cards Curt and gorgeous Mum you have. What a blessed person you are.

Lisa Foster said...

Oh Curt! Your butterfly cards are amazing! What a super-wonderful story about that pic of your mom. How cool is that? TFS! I can't believe she is she looks she sharing her secrets? :)
Have a great weekend!

Lisa Foster said...

Oh Curt! Your butterfly cards are amazing! What a super-wonderful story about that pic of your mom. How cool is that? TFS! I can't believe she is she looks she sharing her secrets? :)
Have a great weekend!

Crayola58 said...

I was visiting Scossie Jane and saw your comment so I popped in to see what was up. Well, I LOVED the photo of your darling dogs. They are very sweet to allow you to pop those "hats" upon their noggins.
And while i was reading the post on the wonderful Park Story, I see that my dear friends DeeDee and Judy visit you as well. I loved the story about the park, and the amazing carving.

Jen said...

Hey Curt!!! Long time no see, Luv... hope all is well with you. Love your butterfly cards, how GORGEOUS they both are!!! You've really done a great job with them butterflies, and I love how you colored them and added a lil' jewel.

Love that photo shots of your mommy n' your "step-brother" Chunk. He's adorable, and yes, your mama... 71?! Just so vibrant n' pretty!!! She's got you to chase after (oh. and Chunk), so I'm sure you are all keeping her young.

Big Hugs,

Yvonne said...

Your cards are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Jodi said...

Curt, hope all is well!! I just LOVED reading this story and how cool is that!! =) Your mom is so funny!! =) She really does look GREAT for her age, and would not have guessed that at all!!
I guess you have great genes too.
The boys look so cute in their Spring attire in the above header!!
By the way, those are absolutely gorgeous cards with beautiful butterflies!!
Love them both!!
Jodi =)

theneon said...

Hi Curt -- I wanted to stop by and see what you are up to. I can't believe the photo of your Mom -- Serendipity? Your butterfly cards are very inspirational and I look forward to your new butterfly stamps in motion. I see that even your dogs are celebrating spring with the "flower hats." There is no way my weineramer would sit for such a cute picture -- and two dogs? Amazing!

The Rubber Maid said...

Gorgeous cards, especially love the first one it is beautiful.
Love the ironic happening in your picture, that is too sweet for words and kind of like a message from above. Yep your Mom looks great for her age and so do I and will also turn 72 next month. Pat

Etha said...

LOL, that is TOO amazing with the carving, and your beautiful mom is very funny :)
Take the same picture again when that cool tree canopy has leaves.... you could do a neat 4 -seasons series with that, very pretty!
Oh your two butterfly cards are wonderful, I really love the idea with the black shadow on the black and white one, too neat!

Ila said...

Both of your cards are Beautiful!!...I love those butterflies!!
Your Mom looks fabulous!! and how precious that is...Mom being carved in there like that!!...Great post!!...Hugs, Ila

Nina said...

Those 2 cards I have to say are just awesome and I love that sentiment about change... I certainly will be using that in my printshop! nice job!! NOW, that pic of you mom wit the close it just way to awesome too and what I like best was her comment!! ROTFLMBO!!! I think I really did laugh out loud to what she said!! but I mean truly, "how cool was that"?! and you didn't even know, NOW that is what makes it SOO cool!