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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hey All! Sorry I've been away so long. But, I have lots to share with you so I'll get started. Do you not love that picture up there for my header?!? Shotsy is the one with the rose in his mouth. He is so sweet. He will do anything that I told him to do. He looks like he has such "love" in his eyes, but in actuality, he was falling asleep. I had taken about 20 shots of them to get a good one and he was just plain tired. I love him so much.

Please try to read through everything. I've included some good stuff that I wanted to share. You might want to grab another cup of coffee or your favorite beverage! LOL I'll start this post with the couple of cards I made, then get on to the news and other stuff I want to share!

The first card I'll start with is my entry into this weeks House Mouse Challenge over at House Mouse Monday Challenge. This week's challenge was to use paper piercing on your card. Here is my entry:

You can click on the picture to see it in more detail. The piercing is in each corner of the image panel. This is such a sweet image. I love how he has buried his little face into the flower. When I look at this image, it reminds me to stop and smell the flowers. The paper is by Paper Pazazz. I stamped the image in Archival black, and colored it with my colored pencils and OMS. Used a corner punch for the corner slits. The dark green card stock is by Bazzill. I mounted the image panel with foam squares. Added the ribbon and done.

Here is my second card:

This is a thank you card that I made to send to Lisa who donated the Inchies squares to the blog candy I'm offering. Because she donated the Inchies, I thought I would use Inchies on the thank you card. I really LOVE this product. They are one inch squares and are made of artist quality matteboard. They take stamps so well! To learn more about them, click here. I stamped flower parts from larger stamps on these in Colorbox red ink, then embossed them with red ep. I matted them with black Bazzill card stock then mounted them on the card. I'm sorry, but I don't know who the paper is by or the stamps. I didn't look or write them down. I need to get better about that! Anyway, I stamped the sentiment, matted it on Bazzill card stock, added the black brads, then attached it to the card. I stamped the butterfly, embossed it, then cut it out and attached it with a foam square. Again, you can check out the Inchies here. You can also do a search at Splitcoast for "Inchies" and see all of the clever uses there are.

OK, now for some news. The House Mouse Challenge Monday blog is looking for 2 new DT members. I've been encouraged to apply by one of the current team members. I've decided to try out! The application process will have me post here on my blog that I am applying and to post 3 samples of my cards. So, my next post will be the application. This would be fun, and it will be the first DT for me. So, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Next on my list is an update for the Valentines for the Kids at Children's Hospital of Michigan. For those of you who have donated cards, you will remember that the hospital had asked Pat if she could come up with 1,000 cards for the kids. I am so excited to report that she has received over twice what was asked for!!! Can you believe it???? As of last week, she had collected well over 2,000 cards. Thank you so much to all of you for participating in this worthy cause. We all did a wonderful thing here! Remember, I'll be doing the random number thing for my blog candy on February 8Th so you still have time to sign up for it.

Next, I found the most amazing crafter while poking around Splitcoast. So amazing in fact that I had to share her work with you. She does what she calls "Magic Boxes", and they are truly the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Do yourself a favor and go see her Splitcoast gallery here. You can also visit her blog here. I also read on her blog that she had sent one of her boxes to the Queen, and it is housed now in her private quarters. How cool is that? I just wanted to bring her to your attention. I am going to try one of these soon. I know I'll never come close to her talent, but I just have to try one of these gorgeous boxes.

OK, almost done. . .I wanted to acknowledge a couple of RAK cards I received and hadn't posted yet. The first was from my good blogging buddy Danielle.

Is this image adorable?!? Thanks so much Danielle!

The next is from my very sweet blogging bud in Australia, Jane.

I loved this card. The velum with stars lays over the 2009. It was the first and only New Years card I have ever received. And coming from Australia made it even more special. Thanks so much Jane!

Second to last thing. . .I told you that you would need another drink! LOL Anyway, I was tagged by Laura Davis. I normally as a rule don't participate, but this was an interesting one and I've seen/read where others have been tagged with this one. The deal is, you have to go to "my pictures" on your computer, go to the sixth folder and then to the sixth photo. You then post it on your blog and describe it. So, I decided to play along. Here was my picture:

LOL! I had forgotten all about this picture! This was after we had Gunther neutered and had his back dew claws removed. I'm even more embarrassed to let every one know that those are a pair of my old underwear that he is wearing! He is a little over 9 months old in this picture. As you can see, I cut out a hole in the back for his stubby little tail to go through. We put these on to keep him from licking his stitches. Believe it or not, he wore them with no problem. We, of course, had to take them off whenever he went out, but we would put them back on as soon as he would come back in and he'd run around and never try to take them off. You can see the bandages around his back paw too. He was such a great little guy through all of it.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who have posted several awards for me on your blogs. I'll be adding them to my sidebar here on my blog. I'm both honored and humbled that you would think of me. As all of you know by now, I just can't bring myself to choose just a few of you to get them, so I just don't. I think you are all amazing, and I think you all deserve them. So again, thanks so much to those of you who nominated me. I truly appreciate it so much.

Well, that is it. Sorry for such a huge post, but hey it has been a couple of weeks since I posted and had lots to say/share. Hope you thought it was worth your time. Don't forget to see the pic of the week below. I'll be seeing you on your blogs over the next day to catch up on what you've been doing!

Take good care all! Thanks for being so wonderful!



"God help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Macpurp said...

what beautiful cards! and good luck with the DT spot!
I loved catching up with all your news, and how handsome are your lovely boys on your header!!
I did laugh at Gunther in the pants! we used a t-shirt when our Tilly was post op, and she was as good as gold, Poppy how ever, she could escape out of anything!

thanks for sharing the hospital valentine request, i had great fun in making mine and hope Pat has them safe & sound by now.

love tina x

DeeDee said...

O boy Curt! I've got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that you make the DT!!! YAY, I know you are very excited and I wish you much luck!!! Great card today, sweet little house mouse! I LOVE your new header and that POTW is AWESOME!!! See ya around! HUGS!

Lauri said...

Well I chuckled at your cute banner (that rose is so cute! and your boys are the best!) but then I saw the funny and so thoughtful and caring of you (in a bit of an unusual way). Best of luck on the DT try! I really hope you get it!!!!!!

Danielle said...

Great cards Curt! I wish you all the luck with the DT position! Great to hear the outpouring of love for the Children's Hospital too!
Take care, hugs

Etha said...

Oh I think you'd be perfect for that DT spot!! Can't wait to see your application cards :) Your dogs are just adorable! Nice underwear ;) hehe....

6 wacky women said...

What a post, this one was a 2 cupper!
Love your house mouse card, it is fabulous. I so hope you get a DT work magic with those little guys.

Your new header is great. Your boys are so beautiful, I can't get over the rose in Shotsy's mouth...what a sweetheart he is.
Lovin your/Gunther's undies. Great color too.

The pic of the week is awesome. I am so hating winter right now but I love this shot. We have received 100 cm (thats about 39 inches) more snow this year than last, and only half way through as of today. YUCK!! That ground hog better come through for us....or else!! lol

Have a great day
Karen x

dpkennedy said...

OMG-where do I start?! I am keeping my fingers crossed for your DT wishes!! Your card is just adorable! Shotzy is just so sweet with that rose, aw. And Gunther in the underpants is too funny and cute! Your boys are just so sweet-I want to hug and kiss them both! Good luck and have a great weekend!!

mudmaven said...

I just found your blog via Cheryl (Mochamama) and WOW is all I can say. Your cards and photography are just wonderful. Love those two little guys too! I've added you to my Google reader and look forward to your posts. ~chris

Cheryl said...

Love the pictures of your dogs and the waterfalls. Good luck with the DT application. I'm rooting for you!

I saw the Magic Boxes on SCS awhile ago and was just amazed by them. Aren't they all just gorgeous!

Angie said...

I hope you make it on the DT Curt! You do great things with those images, you deserve it. And that inchie card is so cool, I love those things, I need to use them more often. I love the new Pic of your boys, and the old pic too!

JULS~ said...

Curt! It only took you 20 shots to get that photo?! lol ... It's *perfect*! They look adorable. Ditto to the above posts -- I hope that you get the DT slot & very sweet of you to provide your awesome cards to a great cause! {Hugs from Texas~}

Nancy said...

Love your header pic; they are both adorable, but especially love Shotsy holding the rose. Love your HM card, that image is the cutest! Best of luck with the HM DT opening.

Juliann said...

First of all I actually giggled out load when I saw the boys new picture!!! It is so fabulous! What good boys!
Your cards are wonderful, my fav this week is the red, white and black one!

I think they would be CRAZY not to ask you to be on their design team! After all you are the HM king!!!

Last I looked Pat got over 3,000 cards and was able to take them to another hospital and give them to children with cancer! How wonderful that everyone sent so many that she had tooo much!!!

Love your POTH! What a great shot!

Your posts never seem long because you have so much stuff on there plus you are very entertaining!
So STOP apologizing!!! Obviously we keep coming back!
Have a great freezing weekend Brrrr!!!

Juliann said...

BTW the picture of the dog in your old unddies is ABSOLUTELY HYSTRIOCAL!!!!
How could i foget to comment on that!!!!!

Catherine said...

Your dogs are just adorable and i can't believe they let you take 20 shots...LOL! Love it!

Both of your cards are just lovely, love those H&M stamps and goodluck on getting that DT job :)

Thanks for your emails and your well wishes, sure glad to be back creating again.

Jan Scholl said...

I got that photo tag one and honestly, I have nothing on my computer to participate with. Everything is on my back up from when the other computer died and was running xp and now I have vista and I KNOW there will be problems.

I picked up a bunch of HM stamps last week at Hobbby Lobby at 50% off so maybe I might actually stamp soon.But it will be hard to beat your beastie beauties. So I won't try.

My vet must have done my doggies a different way-there was no stitches at all. I had one female dog about 20 years ago and have had 5 males since-all mutts. Cheaper I think but I like female kitties more-they are less prone to some odd male behavior in cats. But always people, neuter the pets. Always.

Back to ESPN. Big game tonite for the Pistons.

Julie Koerber said...

Love your House Mouse card Curt and good luck on the DT application! You so rock when it comes to HM cards -- how could they not see your talent! Thanks too for passing along the Magic Boxes link -- man is that woman talented!!!!

Sue said...

Best of luck can do it! Love your post tonight...that red and black card is so striking, your RAK's wonderful, but you know me...always a place in my heart for the meeces!

The Rubber Maid said...

Love all the news and the picture is too cute for words. Gotta love those boys of yours. Will be rooting for you on that DT honor. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. Oh, by the way the count for Valentines is now
3540 and still counting. Pat
I'd say the project was a huge success.

Margie said...

What an adorable banner! They are sooo cute ;)
Good luck with the DT spot!!! Your coloring is awesome - I just got my first HM stamp a few weeks ago - I haven't been able to color him in good enough yet, lol! They'd be crazy not to pick you!
TFS everything! I always enjoy your posts!
xoxo, margie

Denise said...

Wow Curt, you've been busy. I love that pic of the dogs, mine would ever stay still long enough, or hold a rose in her mouth!! Glad to see your creations again.

Shirley said...

Wow! I Love that cute little mouse and the flowers too! and the paper piercing.....and that ribbon is just the perfect touch! Your inchie card is so vibrant and sophisticated too! That butterfly and the brads are just the right embellishments for that DP and the stamped images too!

My fingers are crossed and I am sending 'Pick Curt' thoughts their way.

Thanks for the update on Pat's cards. I wanted to ask her, but I figured she is probably busy up to her eyeballs. I just sent a box. It had Valentine Cards and others for later too!

Wow those boxes are gorgeous. Thanks for the site. I am following her now....and of course I am going to try one too!

Your RAK's are wonderful and so are their blogs.

Your new header is priceless and your picture of Gunther is too cute.

Rita said...

First of all I luv the picture of your darling dogs their soooo cute!!! Also luv your updated look on your blog!

Luv both of your cards, my fav is the house mouse, he's so cute! Luv that punch you used for the corners, where did you get that one & who makes it?

Good luck with the House Mouse DT, they will be lucky to have you, your very talented! I'll be rooting for you!!!

Luv the pic of Gunther in your underwear...too funny!!!

Great RAK's Curt! Your pic of the week is awesome!

Patti J said...

Loved your House Mouse card! Good luck with the DT - you are very deserving of the spot!!! Love your furry friends too!

take a little piece of my art said...

Hi Curt!!! Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your kind compliment about my butterfly card. I have a shop on Etsy and was thrilled...It SOLD within and hour of posting it. I guess I'll have to make more now. Although it's a bit tough on the fingers with all that cutting.

Good luck with your DT adventure!! I hope you get the position!! I love that stamp you used for your card!! Beautiful colors, too!! smiles, Melanie

mochamama said...

Curt, I'm even crossing my eyelashes for you!!!!! You are so deserving of this position how could they possibally not pick you!!?? The pictures of your babies are tooooooooo cute, I mean the rose, the diaper, what will you come up with next???!!!!

Jamie Martin said...

Love your header picture, adorable! Your cards are fab and good luck applying for the DT, hope you get it :)

Sara said...

Good to hear you are doing well-i'm hoping you get that DT spot, you always have such incredible work, how could they not choose yoU!

AND, your pups are adorable, I can't take it!


Judy said...

Your work is so beautiful and it would be fantastic if you get the DT spot. Good luck.

Love the cards but my fav is the red, black & white card. Something about that color combo that just speaks to me.

I laughed out loud when I finally figured out what Gunter was wearing in that pic!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

I always love reading your posts Curt! Love the new pic of Shotzy and gunther!! If I tried to put a rose in my dogs mouth it would be digested before I could snap a picture!!!

Adore your house mouse card!! Can't wait to see your post for the DT too!! Good luck - I'd love to see you on that team! You rock the House Mouse images!!!

What a fun picture of Gunther...I have a similar one of my dogs; however it was when my boys were young and thought they would look cute with Sponge Bob briefs on their heads!! LOL!!

hugs, Jami

Carolyn Bounds said...

Your babies look absolutely adorable in their Valentines gear:o) So very precious!!!

Your House Mouse card is to die for!!! I love every detail, and the ribbon just pops against that lovely green backdrop!! Good luck with the DT!!! It would be nice to have a brother on the team:o)

Your inchies card is fabulous and oh so stylish!!! I love the white background and a total sucker for anything with a black and red color combo.

The photo of Gunther in the hand-me-down drawers is hilarious!!! Thank you for the laughter and smiles:o) I most definitely needed that!!!


Ila said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ila said...

Wow!! first of all I love your header!! a smile out me right away!!
Your HM card is Gorgeous....Good luck with the DT!!...they would be lucky to have you!!..and your inchie thank you card is Fabulous too!!
Super Great news about the Valentines for kids!! You all did such a Wonderful job on this project!!
The Raks you recieved are both Super Cute...nothing like happy mail!! and I love that photo of Gunther!!...what a great idea!!...My Buddy wore a large cone on his head when he was neutered...and he just hated it!!...Hugs, Ila

Janine said...

Hi Curt!!! Glad you are well and back... I checked on you often.
Your dogs are so gorgeous.
as are the cards you made...
Hope you are having a great weekend.

magic boxes said...

Hi Curt

Love your blog Valentine look and don't 'The Boys' suite it, specially Shotsy with his rose - he does look 'loving' - how funny that he was just tired - SO DOG! My two wouldn't sit for one shot let alone 20 (and the rose would have been in tatters)!!!

How adorable is that mouse - and I love your very stylish 'thank You' card, my favourite colours, along with black, white and pink.

I don't think you'll have any problem with your DT application and looking forward to seeing the cards. I'll cross my fingers anyway though (just for luck).

Thank you so much for your feature!

Mutual Admiration


Tonniece said...

Hi Curt
-First let me say good luck with your DT submissions, your a shoe-in, in my opinion they would be so lucky to have you.

-Your house Mouse card is just so adorable and I love the simplicity of the second card.

-Your RAK's are awesome

-That pic of Gunther is too cute. It's amazing the memories that older pics bring back eh?

And lastly, I love your pic of the week.

Have a wonderful Sunday

Anonymous said...

Your blog always makes me laugh or smile or makes me think about things. I look so forward to reading your posts. They are so interesting and thoughtful. Your talent is obvious, and so many people love you. I can tell by what they write in their comments. I hope you never stop doing this. It would leave a huge hole in the blogging world. Kathy

Els G. said...

Love your cards! They are adorable!
Love that picture of Shotsy with his rose!!! He's the perfect Valentine date!!! Good looking, well mannered AND with a rose between gorgeously groomed teeth, what more could one wish for Valentine.

Elizabeth said...

Curt, your blog is amazing as is your cards. Maybe you can help me with my photography skills one of these days. My photo taking is a little to be desired. Good luck on your DT tryout!! I think it would be alot of fun to have a man involved in the DT also. I have applied too. I'm so excited I can't wait to see who's going to be chosen! BTW great card this round it is really sweet! I love the Furbabies too, how did you get that pup to hold that rose? Mine would have shredded it.

Jodi said...

I love those cards you made, so clever and looks quite tedious! Good luck with House Mouse and the DT position! =) You will be great for them!!
I just love the boys in their Valentine attire! Super cute as always. Hugs,Jodi =)

Ashley said...

Good luck with the House Mouse position! I think you'd be perfect for it!

Maria Matter said...

Your cards are beautiful Curt!!! Great color combo and design of the HM card! And I adore black & white cards...yours looks wonderful with the splash of red!
I enjoyed your "long" post, it's great getting to know other bloggers! It's wonderful that your friend encouraged you to apply for the House Mouse team, wishing you the best!!!
Thank you for stopping by my blog with your kind words...take care!
Blessings, Maria

Sharon Caudle said...

WOOHOO!!!! Go Curt!! Best of luck with the DT! I'm pulling for you 1000% cause you sure deserve it!

Your card is so adorable! that little nose buried in that flower is just perfect! Your coloring is fantatic!

LOVE your new header! Your poochies are too precious and that photo is amazing!!!

Hope you're having a wonderful week! HUGS!

Laura Davis said...

LOL great picture!! Hmmmm red underwear!?! LOL!
Thanks for playing;)

Vina T. said...

WOW Curt! You've really outdone yourself! Your cards are aaamazing! Love em! :P

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

No WAY. Ok first, the cards are stunning. The orange flowers! WOW! The red & black inchies. SO sweet! Love the RAKs too with the colour on that elf: sweet! And your new years RAK SO classy!

Now about that pic of Gunther. I have a pic of the MOg in underwear too! (With rubber booties that protected his feet from salt but made him walk like a mud fish.) Adore that pic! How would they know we loved em so, if we didn't dress em up funny? ;O) hehehe