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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hey All! Told you I was going to post more frequently! I don't know what has gotten into me, but I swear I've just been itching to get up to "my room" and create. Also, if you are interested, I was tagged and I have finally played along. If you want to know 7 things about me, read to the end of the post!

Today's card is another House Mouse card. Don't worry, they all aren't going to be HM cards. I'm particularly proud of this one, because I ordered this stamp a couple of months ago, and it became a milestone marker for me. When I ordered it, I knew that there was no way I could color this stamp at the time I bought it. But, I bought it anyway telling myself that as soon as I felt comfortable with my coloring, I would know it when I would tackle this stamp. Well, needless to say I "tackled" this stamp! I loved this image from the moment I saw it. Here it is:

This is the "Don't Leaf Without Me" stamp. This is a huge stamp. The card I mounted it on is a 5 X 7, so you can guage how big it is. There was a TON of coloring for this one, but it was so much fun, and I love how it turned out. I used my colored pencils, blending the colors with OMS. I mounted the image onto different colors of Bazzill card stock and then added the ribbon (which already had the leaves on it). Some of you on my last post was complimenting me on stamping the bones onto the ribbon. I went back to read what I wrote, but I'm not sure where some of you got that. The ribbon I used already had the bones on it. So I wanted to clear that up. I did not stamp the bones on the ribbon. Anyway, below is a close up to show the glitter I applied to some of the leaves using my Gelly Roll silver glitter pen:

It still didn't show up very well in the photo, but it gives you an idea. I did not give this one a sentiment because there wasn't much room for one, and I just wanted the image to have the stage. The sentiment can go on the inside. I'm loving to color! This was a blast!

OK, as I stated above, I was tagged by the ever beautiful, ever talented Laura Davis. So I guess I have to give 7 things about me that you all probably don't know. So, here goes:

1. I used to be a dance instructor in the 70's for Arthur Murray. My official title was "Disco Specialist". LOL Besides all of the popular disco dances, I was also a Cha Cha pro. I can still do a mean Cha Cha!

2. I can't kill anything! If I find a spider in the house (they make my skin crawl!) I go to great lengths to catch them and release them unharmed outside. If it is too cold out, I let them go in the garage (it is heated) LOL. When I'm cutting the grass, if I see a bug in the path of the lawn mower, I will stop and get it out of harms way.

3. I lost a brother to AIDS several years ago.

4. My favorite meat is BACON! I could eat bacon on anything! LOL

5. About 15 years ago, I owned my own business called "The Basket Maker". It was a gift basket company and we had a small shop on a trendy street in a place called Broadripple. My favorite product we offered was called the "Kiss My Assket" which was a basket full of nasty stuff (i.e. dead roses, plastic vomit, etc.) that people would send to people they had an issue with. Too funny.

6. I LOVE to gamble, and have been to Vegas 12 times. My favorite is video poker, and when I am in Vegas, I can sit at the same machine for 8 hours straight. I have a bladder the size of Texas! LOL

7. I have played the Hoosier Lottery and the Powerball Lottery since they began and have played the same set of numbers every week, twice a week for all those years. Boy do I have plans for when I win! For one thing, I promise all of my faithful commenters here that I won't forget you! I was thinking that if I ever would win millions, I'd fly you all somewhere fabulous for a getaway weekend of crafting at an exotic resort. That way, I could meet you all in person and we could have a blast! So, there is an incentive for you to comment more often! LOL

So, there you have it, 7 things that you probably didn't know about me.

Finally, I received an update on Glee (my blogging friend who is seriously ill) and the word is not much different. As of the 23RD, she was still on a respirator and I checked her blog today to see if her husband had updated and he had not. So, thanks so much to all of you who went and left such great messages on Glee's blog. I know her husband appreciates the outpouring of support for them. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Well, that is it for this one! I'll be posting again on Thanksgiving. I thought I would post a Thanksgiving card and list some of the things that I am grateful for. So, hope you come back to visit. Until then, thanks so much for visiting, I appreciate it so much. Don't forget the pic of the week below! I'll see you on your blogs!


Curt O'Brien

"God help me be the person my dogs think I am."


Catherine said...

such a cute card, Curt and you can post HM cards everyday... i don't mind :)

on your tagged.
1.Really, you gotta put that on you tube so everyone can see.
2.oh i'm scared of spiders :(
3.sorry :(
4.LOL! I think that's my daughters favorite meat also.
5. funny!
6.scared to gamble, once i loose $20, i quit...hahaha.
7.Oh i'm there :) can I leave you my email, cell phone# and home #...hahaha.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Lauri said...

Curt, you are so talented, so funny and so sweet! Now I certainly have the incentive to post here all the time!

Sara said...

Curt, you are adorable.

Thanks for sharing :)

Happy Holidays!


Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Curt - you've mastered your coloring skills - that is one awesome card!!!

I hear you on the of my fave treats is bacon and peanut butter sandwich (on toasted bread). Sounds gross....but it's oh so good!!

I'm still laughing out loud at the assket.... what a riot!!
hugs, Jami

Susan (rainy) said...

Oh my gosh! That House Mouse image just makes me giggle! I have four sons and I can see their different personalities in each of those darling four mice! Seriously it just cracks me up! And yes you have definitely "tackled" and CONQUERED the coloring challenge! And I love the glitter on the leaves. Your card is absolutely wonderful, Curt.

Very fun to read about you, too... Which reminds me... dancing with the stars finale is tonight! lol I'm the same way about spiders. Used to have a spider box when I was young. Couldn't stand to kill them but couldn't leave them in the house. So I would catch them in my box and put them outside. Now my oldest son's girlfriend, if she is around, just picks them up and puts them outside! Can you image!! I so sorry that you lost a brother, Curt. Let us hope that they find a cure for this hideous disease.

Sorry this post is so long... Didn't start out meaning for it to be... just happened.

6 wacky women said...

Awesome card, Curt. Love your detailed. You have mastered those pencils!!

I love that you were we know more about you and you are toooo funny. I hope you win the lotto...but i will still visit you if you don't.

Your pic of the week is fabulous, such a beautiful baby!!
Take care

Nancy said...

This HM image is so cute! You did an awesome coloring it, Curt!

I'm the same way with spiders...I may squeal and freak a bit trying to capture one, but once I do it gets released outside.


It was fun reading about you.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Becky said...

Wow!! adorable card, I just love house mouse, and the larger stamps are a lot to color but I find it so relaxing to color them.
So sorry about your brother.
I love bacon, bacon, bacon :).
I have gamble only once in 30 years, better things to do with my money, BUY MORE STAMPS :)

Have a great Thanks giving. Are you cooking? Can you cook? :0 :)

Sankari W. said...

Hi Curt! Sorry for being such a bad blogging friend it was such a great pleasure to surf on over here and read all these amazing tidbits of your life...! I absolutely love your card - and am so impressed by your coloring of that huge stamp - you did a magnificent job - seriously stunning! that is sucha cute image too!!

In response to your tagged comments:
1. I am officially calling you ChaCha Curt! Wow, I am with Catherine - you have to put that on Youtube!
2. I am so blown away that you release the spiders into a heated garage - you are too much!! man those spiders are lucky to have you around!
3. I am so sorry to hear of your brother - I can't imagine...
4. I love fake bacon - does that still count?
5. Okay - that is hilarious! Assket!! Do you still have any pictures of that product?! Was it a top seller! What a funny idea!
6. I am impressed with your Texas sized bladder - mine is about the size of Maine - so I definitely couldn't do the sitting through it thing... but you are very impressive!!!
7. WOW! twice a week, every week!!! you go ChaChaCurt!

Thanks for the informing about Glee - will totally go to her blog and praying for her...

Can't wait to see your Thanksgiving card and your thankful list!! I also nominated your blog for the Butterfly Award - your cards and stories and pictures are truly inspirational!

Best wishes always,
Sankari :)

Carolyn Bounds said...

I found your blog through Sue's, and I am so glad I did! I guess I couldn't have picked a better time...I have learned so much about you:o)

Your House Mouse card is FABULOUS, and your coloring is sheer perfection!!! I am happy you bought his stamp and decided to share your wonderful creation with the rest of us! I will definitely be back to admire more of your beautiful work.


Angie said...

That is such an adorable card, Curt. You did a fantastic job coloring it, and making a card out of it. I think I would have been a little lost as to what to do with such a large image! My brother loves bacon too. That guy could LIVE off of nothing but bacon! lol! And that is such a gorgeous picture of the week. I love your photography.

Joan Fricker said...

Curt, what a cute card! You certainly have a talent for your coloring!

I wonder if I visited you on Broadripple. I was single about that time and spent a lot of time in Indy with a friend and we visited Broadripple often. Small world.

Enjoyed getting to know you better reading your tagged comments.


Anonymous said...

you are such a dear...your posts always lift me up. My, My the oloring is fantastic.. You go Guy !!! Spiders don't bother me but I would mow over a cockroach in a heartbeat. Look forward to reading the Thanksgive Post. HAPPY THANKSGIVING by the way. MaryAnn

WhimsicalThoughts said...

LOL Curt .... Love that you can still do a mean Cha Cha, that's great! Love the card you did an awesome job ... ROFL at the Assket .... Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...


DeeDee said...

Hey Curt!!! You have me down on your list of travel companions when you hit it BIG....right?? LOL!!! I loved reading all your fun are quite a matter of fact...I'm down right boring compared to YOU!!! LOL!! I LOVE this adorable and your coloring is AWESOME!!! POTW...can I just hug him???? Awwww, he's so sweet......HAPPY THANKSGIVING my friend!!! HUGS!!!

Dorothy said...

Thanks for sharing yourself! I enjoyed reading up on you! I lvoe the mouse card, too! You did a great job coloring - it must have taken you quite a while!

Tammy Hershberger said...

Sweet card, Curt! Your coloring on it is fabulous! Enjoyed the "getting to know you" too! Looking forward to that exotic stamping vacation with you! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

Erin said...

I love the cute little cards you have been doing lately..
I love Vegas too. It is such a fun place.... I bet you just loved owning a fun business like that.....

Tonniece said...

AWE this card is so sweet, love those HM stamps.

I was a Go-Go dancer how funny.

Spiders, ewe.... But good for you.

So sorry to hear that

Bacon, yum, Mine is pork chops, double yum.

This is too funny, I would have loved to see one of those. Thanks for the chuckle.

OMG!!! Really? 8 Hrs.? wow

You are too sweet. It would be awesome to meet you, so win SOOOON.

Sorry to hear your friend is still ill

Have a great week

Joanne said...

Your coloring is great! This is so cute and I love how the ribbon matches the theme. Aren't you clever! Hey, I love HM stamps too and I started doing these HM challenges on Mondays that are so fun! It gives me an excuse to ink up my stamps too. If you wanna check it out there's a link on my blog. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Sue said...

Curt, you got it! What a wonderful job of coloring. I think this is what makes these meece stamps so the finished product! It takes a lot of patience to color images like this and you did a wonderful job with the image and the card!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Oh Man oh man. I laugh I cried. Laughed my assket off about Disco Specialist!?! heehee. I am so sorry to hear about your brother; you must miss him so.

I had your favourite meal for breakfast, first time in ages. And i Hope you win the lotto! Your card is SO sweet I love the glitter on the leaves. Gorgeous!

dpkennedy said...

Wow, your coloring is really gorgeous! That is a fabulous card!
I second Catherine on the dancing video...pleeeaaassseee?!!! I don't kill bugs either-all God's creatures! My hubby lost his best friend to AIDS too-I'm so sorry. And I will say a prayer that you DO win the lottery because I am already packed for that exotic local!!!
Thanks for sharing these funny and intimate details with us.

Jen Tapler said...

Aloha Curt!! Just discovered your blog and amazed that I've missed it until now!! Love your work and your wit! This House Mouse card is beautiful!!! I just colored my first image with pencils and OMS and let me tell ya, NOBODY will be seeing that thing on my blog anytime soon!!! Serious practice needed! Thanks for the inspiration!