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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Hey All! Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you! It is just a little after midnight here so "officially" it is Thanksgiving! I wanted to post the card that I'm giving to my Mom, Jay's Mom, and Jay for today. I'm also posting some pics of a project I made on my own to use as favors to lay at each place setting for dinner. And then at the end of the blog I'll list some things that I am thankful for. Here is the card:

I have always been afraid to mix patterned paper. So many of you do it so well, but I just don't feel comfortable with it. However, I went outside my comfort zone and chose these two patters to put together. I think they look pretty good together, but some of you may be snickering or going ewwwwwwww. Oh well, I tried. But I do like how it all came together. I'll list all supplies at the end of the blog. One thing I do want to mention, I used a new set of shimmery paints that I ordered from Impress Rubber Stamps. The paint set is by Yasutomo. I used the orange shimmery paint on the pumpkin image and you can see it better in the picture below:

As you hold the card and move it from side to side is gives this cool reflective shimmery look. The paint is very transparent and came in 24 colors I think in the set. It was really reasonable too. You just touch your brush with water and then into the hard paint pot and brush it on over the image. It is very translucent. Very cool stuff.

Now here is the project I did to go with the cards at the table settings. I bought each of them one of those large candy bars. I have seen on lots of blogs where people make sleeves for the candy bar. Well, I was already upstairs and didn't want to come back down stairs to log on and try to look through several blogs for the measurements. So, I thought "how hard can it be to wrap paper around the candy, get the measurements, and make them myself. So that's what I did. Here is the finished product (but read on after because I came up with what I think is kind of a nifty thing).

See the band up there? It really isn't a full belly band. It worked out perfect because the whole sleeve and band can be made from one 8 1/2 X 11 piece of card stock with one cut! Super easy. The sleeve is pretty much self explanatory. But on the band, you score it so that it wraps around long ways and slides behind the candy bar in the sleeve. Look below:

How fun is that? Once that is tucked on each end, the candy bar stays firmly in place and does not slide out even when you hold it up and shake it! Pretty cool huh? I didn't want to have to cut a second strip and tape them together to do the traditional belly band, so this was my solution born out of being lazy! Hope you can use it. I plan on doing these for Christmas stocking stuffers. I envision them with cool winter paper and a sparkly snowflake on the circle. Once I had my measurements down, it literally took me 20 minutes to do all 3 of them!

OK, now to a few things I'm grateful for. My list could go on and on, but I will make a short list of the important stuff.

1. I'm grateful to be alive and to enjoy the things that I do.

2. I'm grateful for a Mom who is supportive and always there when you need her.

3. I'm grateful for my 22 year relationship. Jay has provided the grounding for me, and even though there are a lot of difficulties we fight with his MS, we are still together and going strong.

4. I'm grateful for my beautiful Giants. They supply the joy in my life and the perspective I need on life. They keep teaching me what unconditional love really is, and I love them so much for that.

5. I'm grateful to be living in a free country. Every day that goes by as I read about the horror and terror that goes on in other countries, I thank God that I live in the United States.

6. I'm so grateful to those men and women who make the above possible for me every day. I can't image their and their familie's sacrifice, but I'm thankful for it every day.

7. I'll end this list with something else that I am grateful for, and that is all of you! Every day when I log on to my email and see the wonderful, supportive, and uplifting comments you leave for me on every post, it just makes my life so much richer. I've met so many wonderful, generous people through this crafting/blogging thing, and I am so much better for it and because of you. So on this day of giving thanks, I give thanks for all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. Make sure you count your blessings today! You are counted among mine.


Curt O'Brien

"God help me be the person my dogs think I am."


Tammy Hershberger said...

Aw, you're making me cry! Great blog post today, Curt! Your card is gorgeous, and will you stop! My first thought when I saw it... BEFORE I read what you wrote was that I loved the diagonal and blend of patterned papers! So just stop.... you do beautiful work!

Hope you've got that 20 lb. turkey in the oven by now! Have a fabulous holiday!

Jami said...

What a beautiful heartfelt post!!

Love your wonderful card and the pattern combo is perfect - love it!! That belly band is INGENIOUS!!! What a fabulous way to do this!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jay, hope you have a wonderful day!!
hugs, Jami

Marie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I am glad that you share what you are thankful for. I am really touched with your post and I love your projects. As always they are amazing. I like the paper combo as well.

Bunny B said...

Happy Thanksgiving Curt!!! Hope you have a wonderful one :)

Lauri said...

Curt, this was so sweet of you! You are such a wonderful person to share so much with your family and your friends (and your giants). I am thankful I have found you blog and am part of Curt's World! Have a wonderful day!

oh and that card is great! You mixed those papers perfectly. and I love that belly band idea! I always wondered how to keep that darn chocolate bar inside! You are a genius!!

The Rubber Maid said...

Happy Thanksgiving Curt to you and all in your family. Your card is terrific and the use of different patterned paper is awesome. Love the candy holders too. Have a great and fun filled day. Hugs, Pat

6 wacky women said...

I hope you and your family have a wonderful day!
Your card is gorgeous, I love the different patterned papers you used.
My "Things I am Thankful for list" is huge....and you are on it.
Take care

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

Beautiful cards! Love the DP combo - works beautifully together!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lil' family :)
xoxo, margie

Michelle Alejandro said...

Curt that was such a touching post! Hope your Thanksgiving is as wonderful for you and your family as you really are a wonderful person! Love your creations for today and eat lots of turkey!
Hugs and aloha,

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving Curt, hey there's nothing wrong with your sense of design - those papers go together wonderfully - your card design is fab and I love the candy wraps too. Psst - slip on over to mine - i don't want you to miss out on something - you need to read to the end of the post tho!!

Jules said...

You are just so sweet!
Such a genuine great person!
I really look forward to not only your creations but your great posts and stories. It has been great getting to know you Curt you truly are a rare gem!
{{{BIG hugs}}}
Happy happy!!!!

I almost forgot to mention your cards and goodies are fabulous on todays post!

Ila said...

Your card and project is Fabulous!! and the papers you used together are perfect!!
I so enjoyed your post today...TFS!! and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jay and your Giant Fur kids!!

Joan Fricker said...

Curt, your card is absolutely beautiful and I love how you blended the pattern papers and the diagonal cut.

Your tutorial was great for the Hersey bar band.
Great idea and I bet everyone loved it!

I enjoyed your list of things you are thankful for too. I hope you had a wonderful meal with your family and enjoyed the day.


WhimsicalThoughts said...

Wow Curt, what a beautiful post, it makes me weepy! Love the cards, I think you did a great job with mixing/matching the paper, you do beautiful work! Hope you and Jay had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

~ Toni

christina d said...

I loved your blog for today. I like what you did for the candy bars and the card was beautiful!, no EWWW here! I hope your day went great and see you on your next post!!

Janine said...

Hi there Curt!! What a beautiful Thanksgiving card and the mix of papers worked out just fine!
The table favors are wonderful too.
Hope you have a marvelous weekend with your family.
Take Care!!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

You're a creating machine! These are stunning! I am grateful for the inspiration you give us all, on so many levels. PURE Loveliness! :O)

Nancy said...

Your posts are always so wonderful! Your card is gorgeous...I love the colors of the papers. And, great job on the pseudo belly band...that was nifty!

Joanne said...

Curt, you are such a wonderful person! You're as kind as you are talented... I'm so glad that I stumble upon your blog one day... Now I visit you regularly. Also, I think you did a gret job with the patterned papers. Isn't it hard to go outside our own, personal comfort zone? lol!

DeeDee said...

Hey YOU!!!! What a great card and candy wrapper.....GENIOUS!! THANK YOU for being so inspirational and fun to visit....I always smile while I'm here....EVERY time!!!! HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...


Rita said...

Your card is beautiful & I luv the two DP together, you did an awesome job matching these two together...great job!!! I luv how it glitters! Your belly band is brilliant! Lazy can reap fantastic ideas, don't ya think, you rocked this one Curt! I am so very grateful that I found you too my friend, you are so very kind & sweet & such a great human being & I'm glad to know you! Hugs to you!
I luv your picture of the week!!!

Tonniece said...

Hi Curt

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your card and table gift are just so perfect. Thanks for the tutoral.

Your list was very inspiring.

Judy said...

I hope you and Jay had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

You can mix most patterns as long as you stay in the same color family. You did a great job mixing the patterns. The card is lovely.

Diane said...

Great cards, love all your blog posts! I went down several back ones, as we have been gone since Wednesday...I am so behind in blogging, where we were~no computer...I had to resort to reading!!! Love all the idea's and the house mouse ones are beau-ti-ful!!! We took our 3 cats and dog with, one cat meowed nonstop for 5 1/2 hours....I can't believe my husband didn't loose his mind in traffic!!!

Jules said...

I just realized I forgot to look at your Picture Of The Week {{{gasp}}}
SOOOoooo cute that guy is!!!
He looks so fall!!!
Great picture, hope you weekend was great!

Jodi said...

Oh Curt! You are just so sweet!! I am thankful to have you as a friend and hope you had a happy thanksgiving too! =)
I have something for you on my blog.

dpkennedy said...

Your card is gorgeous and the candy bar wrapper is awesome! Your mix of patterned paper is beautiful! I am SURE no one said ewww! They look great! You're a very clever guy! How nice to share your thankful list-it was wonderful!

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!